2017 Leader Board

The Leader Board competition will again run throughout our 2017 Season and commences on Saturday 25th March 2017. Prizes will be awarded for the following specimens caught by or on Monday 2nd October 2017:

  • £50.00 for the first verified 50lbs+ Catfish

  • £50.00 for the first verified 30lbs+ Carp

  • £50.00 for the first verified 8lbs+ Tench

In the event these “Target weights” are not met, the above prizes will be awarded for the heaviest verified Carp, Catfish and Tench specimens recorded in the Cabin Log Book by or on Monday 2nd October 2017.

Manor Fisheries Specimens

Each year we award every angler with a PIN to commemorate catching their first Manor Fisheries specimen fish for each species shown below. The 2017 PIN qualifying weights are: