FAQs and General Information

What is the biggest fish?

Each of the three lakes has a different profile:

  • Specimen Lake 1 (Carp) – Carp mostly 12lbs to 16lbs doubles up to 30llbs+ (plus Roach 2.5lbs+, Perch 3lbs+, Bream 6lbs+)

  • Specimen Lake 2 (Catfish/Carp) – Catfish to 50lbs+ and Carp to 30lbs+

  • Mixed Lake 3 has a higher stocking density with Tench to 8lbs+ plus, Bream 8lbs+, Carp typically 3 to 6lbs but some low/mid doubles, Roach 2.5lbs+, Perch 3lbs+

  • 4lbs+, Rudd and Crucians plus 1 or 2 large Eels.

How do I make a booking?

Tickets for fishing (Day and/or Night) are available to Members who may book up to month 4 ahead on a “first come, first served basis” but strictly via pre booking as swims are limited to ensure plenty of space for each angler. Each specimen lake is limited to no more than 4 anglers. Fishery arrival and departure times (not fishing start/finish times) are at any time during the period booked.

You can request a booking on-line at https://www.manor-fisheries.co.uk/reservations/ below or e-mail mikemmorrison@btinternet.com or phone Mike Morrison: Tel: 01622 890 990.

Can I book Night Fishing?

24 Hour Fishing is available to all current Members who may book up to month 4 ahead.

To request becoming a Member complete and return on-line the application form at https://www.manor-fisheries.co.uk/night-fishing/ plus the annual £20.00 fee to Manor Fisheries.

Those booked in Apartments are Night Members for the duration of their stay at no additional charge.

When is Manor Fisheries Open for fishing?

Generally fishing is available from late March to early October but always check the NEWS tab on the Manor Fisheries web site for updates.

Can I bring a friend who is not fishing?

Yes, provided Manor Fisheries is informed in advance there is no extra charge

Are litter bins provided?

No, on leaving Manor Fisheries visitors are responsible for taking all their rubbish away including cigarette butts, tea bags, etc.

What baits and tackle?

This is not a precise science and feedback from visiting anglers is always welcomed. The following has proven to be productive: Baits for Lake 1 (Carp) and Lake 2 (Catfish/Carp):

  • A whole variety of bolies ledgered in the margins and sometimes tipped with a piece or corn to provide colour contrast during bright weather conditions and often together with a small PVA string or bag that is better than loose bait which attracts the ducks. Fishy flavoured pellets/bolies for Catfish. Smaller baits when the water is very cold and tipped with maggots.

  • Ledgered halibut pellet and ledgered luncheon meat

  • Bunch of worms – ledgered of float fishing over depth whilst feeding the float regularly with 2 to 3mm halibut pellet to attract smaller fish which in turn makes the Catfish “curious”.

  • Squid and prawns

  • Tackle for Specimen Lakes

Lake 1 (Carp) – 12 to 15lbs main line (not braid or fluorocarbon).

Lake 2 (Carp/Catfish) – 20lbs Monofilament main line (not braid or fluorocarbon), 40lbs braid hook length.

  • Only barbless hooks permitted – no crushed or microbarb or “Cat” or “Circle” hooks.

  • Use only “Running” ledgers. No fixed rigs, bolt rigs, semi bolt rigs, zig rigs, helicopter rigs, lead core or heavy Ebro style fishing tackle.

  • Use 42 inch (minimum) landing net and unhooking mat on specimen lakes at all times.

Baits for Lake 3 (Mixed)

  • Small pieces of luncheon meat

  • Flavoured paste and 5mm jelly bolies

  • Sweet corn

  • Smaller fish can easily be caught on maggots

  • Lobs (tipped with a couple of red maggots) and prawn for bigger Perch, Tench and Carp

Mixed Lake 3 (Only barbless hooks permitted)


  • Monofilament 4 to 8lbs Monofilament main line (not braid or fluorocarbon).

  • Running ledgers, no fixed (or bolt rigs)

How big are the lakes and how many swims?

  • Specimen Lake 1 (Carp) is approximately 1.1 acres with 8 Swims (some are doubles) but a maximum of 4 anglers (with prior agreement up to a maximum of 10 rods)

  • Specimen Lake 2 (Catfish/Carp) is approximately 1.2 acres with 8 Swims (some are doubles) but a maximum of 4 anglers (with prior agreement up to a maximum of 10 rods)

  • Mixed Lake 3 is approximately 1.6 acres and is limited to 20 anglers spread over 350 yards of easy access bankside

View an illustrated map of the lakes here.

How deep are the lakes?

The lakes are mature being dug out of clay during 1993 and have mostly a clean clay bottom. Lakes 1 and 2 have a depth of approximately 5 feet whilst Lake 3 is approximately 4 to 4.5 feet deep.

Do I need a rod licence?

All anglers aged 12 years and over when visiting Manor Fisheries must carry a current Environment Agency licence for scrutiny by the Environment Agency or Manor Fisheries. To purchase a licence online see our web site PRICES tab.

Does the charge for an Apartment include fishing?

No, but all fishing can be purchased at a 20% discount when booking any Apartment for 3 days or more. You also become a Member at no extra charge whilst staying in an Apartment though both Day and Night Fishing has a charge.

Is there a toilet near the lakes?

Yes, a Cabin is located between lakes 1 and 3 that is available to all Manor Fisheries visitors and has a flush toilet, hot and cold running water, tables and chairs plus facilities for making hot drinks/meals (microwave, toaster and kettle). Other facilities include safe landscaped surroundings and a hard standing car park (plus the adjacent field during summer) for cars and vans but not lorries,

Is it permitted to feed the ducks and geese?

No, they are wild animals who must not become dependent on receiving food from visitors and any food left over will attract disease carrying vermin (rats).

What other activities, shops and amenities can be found in the area?

The centre of Headcorn village is located less than a mile from Manor Fisheries and offers a convenient Sainsbury's Local, cash dispenser, petrol station with main-line railway station to London. Headcorn also has several cafes, restaurants and pubs including the provision of ‘take-away’ services.

Morrisons, Tesco and Waitrose Superstores are just a short distance away from Headcorn. In addition to fishing there are many other local attractions and for further information please visit the links page.