NEWS 1 September 2017 to 30 September 2017

NEWS: 1 September 2017 to 30 September 2017

Some dates for your 2018 diary.

The Manor Fisheries 2018 Season dates are:

  • Opens from Saturday 24th March 2018
  • Closed from Monday 1st October 2018

We are now accepting booking requests from visitors with different requirements: 

  • We are now accepting 2018 Bookings that include “Seven days of accommodation plus discounted Fishing” noting all 2018 Apartment Availability can be seen via our website at . If you require to know the availability of fishing during 2018, call 01622 890 990.
  • The 2018 Night Member application is now available via our web site.
  • From the 1st November 2017 we will accept Bookings dated the 1st November 2017 onwards, that include both “Accommodation and discounted Fishing” for 3, 4 or 7 days or longer.
  • From the 15th January 2018 we will accept Bookings for fishing from registered 2018 Night Members (who can book ahead up to month six).
  • From the 15th February 2018 we will accept bookings for any of our three lakes from the general Public requiring only Day Fishing (7.00 am to 7.00 pm) who can book ahead up to month three (see website for Availability). Anglers must indicate when they have fished here previously to book Lake 2 (Carp/Catfish).

Fishing Report – 1st September 2017 to 30th September 2017


Anglers again achieved many great catches and PB’s this month though there are signs fishing is beginning to s-l-o-w as autumn unfolds. Throughout September the catches of Lake 2 Cats reduced but still 64 weighing over 30+lbs were landed to 43lbs 3ozs which was caught by Kevin Oxley. See the 6-month summary (April to September) in next month’s News Letter showing the extraordinary increase of 30lbs+ Cats landed.

Throughout September Lake 1 Carp continued to show up in good numbers. During June Jack Day caught a 24lbs Mirror and Tench up to 6lbs 15ozs were caught from Lake 3 (Mixed) by Paul Evans while this month Bream up to 7lbs 15ozs were caught by Kevin Edwards.

Thank you to all those anglers who have spent a few moments to summarise their catch in the Cabin Log Book. This information forms the basis of our Monthly Report to keep anglers informed of what has happened.

Lake 1 (Carp)

  • Bob Irvine arrived on the 1st September to begin his 60 hour session and soon landed a 9lbs Mirror which was followed by Mirrors weighing 17lbs, 9lbs 8ozs and 8lbs plus other Commons weighing 14lbs 4ozs, 13lbs 8ozs, 13lbs 4ozs and 9lbs. Colleague Paul Kitt used white pop-ups to catch Commons weighing 2 x 13lbs and 11lbs.
  • Andy and Lewis Bracey arrived on the 1st September to begin their 24 hour session and during rain, lightning and meeting a visiting hedgehog landed 11 x Carp to 16lbs and 14lbs 10ozs when spicy meat boilies were the successful bait.
  • During a short break arriving 8th September for 3-nights David and Terry Hare targeted the Carp with Terry landing 10 x Carp to 17lbs 8ozs and David (see below) with 20 x Carp to 19lbs 5ozs over 42 hours.
  • During his 48 hour session beginning the 12th September, regular Terry Keard landed 16 x Carp with 11 being doubles and including 14 x Commons to 17lbs 40zs and 2 x Mirrors to 17lbs 8ozs.
  • Visiting on the 13th September, Colin Dowsett landed 4x Carp weighing 16lbs, 14lbs, 13lbs and 10lbs while colleagues Cliff Cottis landed a 15lbs 4ozs Carp.
  • David Emmerson and Martin Goldring arrived on the 16th September for a short break and had may successes, both achieving PB’s and landing over 65 x Carp including David with a Common weighing 17lbs 1oz PB and Martin with a 17lbs 6ozs PB Common and a Mirror weighing 19lbs 6ozs PB.
  • Ian Emms began the 21st September with landing a Mirror weighing 17lbs 7ozs PB followed by Commons weighing 9lbs 4ozs and 4lbs 5ozs where Urban red plus spicy boilies were the successful bait.
  • Regular Jason Tuckey returned on the 25th September for a 24 hour session and landed Commons weighing 15lbs 2ozs, 14lbs 10ozs, 14lbs 3ozs, 13lbs 6ozs, 12lbs and 8lbs 2ozs plus a 16lbs 8ozs Mirror where boilies tipped with corn proved to be the successful bait.
  • During a short break Mark Murray landed 9 x Carp on the 25th September including a 18lbs 2ozs Mirror, Commons weighing 17lbs 12ozs and 16lbs 13ozs plus 2 x doubles and 4 weighing between 6lbs and 8lbs. On the 26th September Mark again landed 9 x Carp including Commons weighing 18lbs 4ozs and 16lbs 9ozs, 2 x 9lbs plus a further 5 x doubles.
  • The Benfleet Carp Society arrived on the 28th September for part of their 2017 Graham Gilmore Memorial Tour and ended up catching 25 x Carp while reliving great past memories. All were winners whether it be number of fish caught, the number of new PB’s or the largest fish:
  • Andie – 14x Carp, all doubles including weights of 18lbs and 15lbs
  • Stuart – 4 x Carp including 2 x PB’s of 17lbs Common and 17lbs 4ozs Common
  • Brian – 7 x Carp to 20lbs
               Stuart Wiggins

               Stuart Wiggins

               Andie Davidson

               Andie Davidson

            Brian Sparrow

            Brian Sparrow

  • Visiting on the 30th September Gary Tossier landed 7 x Carp to 16lbs while colleague Tony Grant had 5 x Carp to 18lbs.

Lake 2 (Carp/Catfish)

  • Returning on the 1st September Paul Black and son Jonathan made a great start to the month landing Cats weighing 33lbs 2ozs, 28lbs 8ozs, 26lbs and 16lbs 2ozs.
  • Les Roberts returned on the 2nd September and using pellet and chorizo baits landed Cats weighing 30lbs 4ozs and 22lbs 11ozs.
  • Luncheon meat was the successful bait for Keith Richards when he returned on the 2nd September which accounted for 4 x Cats, including weights of 25lbs and 21lbs, plus a small Carp and using halibut pellet bail on the 10th September Keith landed Cats weighing 36lbs 8ozs, 27lbs and 16lbs.
  • Alan Cambridge and his son Connor returned on the 3rd September with Alan landing Cats weighing 34lbs 5ozs and 27lbs and Connor with Cats weighing 37lbs 14ozs and 19lbs.
  • On the 5th September Phil Aldridge and Mike Ireland returned with Phil landing 7 x Cats including weights of 35lbs 1oz, 31lbs 5ozs, 27lbs 3ozs, 25lbs 12ozs, 24lbs 7ozs, 23lbs 12ozs and 23lbs 7ozs while Mike’s Cat weighed 24lbs 12ozs.
  • Beginning his 24 hour session on the 6th September, Bill Ellis landed 12 x Cats including 4 x 30+ and weighing 2 x 34lbs 2ozs, 33lbs 8ozs, 31lbs 12ozs, 29lbs 8ozs, 29lbs, 28lbs 8ozs, 26lbs 8ozs, 21lbs, 20lbs 4ozs and 2 x 16lbs.  
  • Returning on the 7th September John Bairam Landed 4 x Cats weighing 29lbs 50zs, 25lbs 10ozs, 23lbs 9ozs and 12lbs 7ozs and again on the 18th September a Cat weighing 30lbs 8ozs.
  • Andy Phillips returned on the 8th September and landed 5 x Cats weighing 34lbs, 33lbs, 29lbs, 27lbs and 20lbs using Xcel baits.
  • Returning on the 8th September to begin their 36 hour session, Steve Hall caught a 11lbs Carp and 4 x Cats weighing 37lbs, 36lbs, 26lbs and 15lbs while colleague Philip Williams landed 5 x Cats weighing 36lbs, 31lbs, 27lbs 8ozs, 24lbs 8ozs and 20lbs.
  • First time visitor Shane Ellis on the 11th September used luncheon meat to catch Cats weighing 23lbs PB and 22lbs 8ozs while father Bill Ellis had a great 24 hour catch including 7 x Cats weighing 36lbs 20zs, 34lbs 8ozs, 34lbs, 32lbs, 24lbs, 21lbs and 14lbs.
  • Jamie Tucker and Steve Lang visited on the 12th September and each caught a Catfish weighing respectively 30lbs and 35lbs PB.
  • Regular Paul Hutchinson returned on the 13th September and using crab boilie baits succeeded in landing 5 x Cats weighing 35lbs 8ozs, 30lbs 10ozs, 28lbs 4ozs, 23lbs and 22lbs 14ozs.
  • Returning on the 14th September regular David Hodge landed Cats weighing26lbs 8ozs and 21lbs 8ozs while colleague Charlie King had Cats weighing26lbs 12ozs and 22lbs.
  • Arriving on the 15th September Ryan Hills began with catching a couple of Carp weighing 5lbs and 10lbs and then his target fish – a 31lbs 8ozs PB Catfish.
  • Visiting on the 16th September Paul Murray landed a 15lbs Cat while Anthony Murray had Cats weighing 20lbs and 17lbs.
  • During a short break Harvey Rhodes landed Cats including his new PB
    • 15th September 30lbs, 36lbs 11ozs
    • 17th September 38lbs 10ozs PB
    • 19th September 31lbs 9ozs, 28lbs 10ozs, 26lbs 1oz
  • Regular Kevin Oxley returned for short break and on the 15th September he soon rattled the Catfish Leader Board with a 43lbs 2ozs Cat followed by one of 35lbs 6ozs.
  • With the Cats getting ready to rest for the winter, Paul Coombes arrived on the 18th September for a 60 hour session and ended with a 30lbs Cat and a 10lbs Mirror Carp.
  • Jason Tuckey returned on the 18th September for his 24 hour session when he landed Cats weighing 37lbs 10ozs, 33lbs and 29lbs 8ozs plus 3 x Commons weighing from 8 to 14lbs.
  • Returning on the 20th September Gary Day landed a 25lbs Catfish and father Bernard led the way with 3 x Cats weighing 27lbs 7ozs, 23lbs and 12lbs.
  • Regular Peter Parsons returned on the 21st September and landed 3 x Cats weighing 33lbs, 24lbs 8ozs and 20lbs 8ozs.
  • Phil Rooke had a great session on the 22nd September landing 5 x Cats all weighing over 30lbs+ from 32lbs 4ozs to 38lbs 10ozs.
  • Targeting Catfish for the first time on the 23rd September, Dean Barnard set his PB twice by first catching a Cat weighing 28lbs 12ozs PB followed by a 14lbs kitten and then finishing with a 38lbs 8ozs PB.
  • Returning on the 24th September Paul Murray ended the day with only a Kitten while son Anthony led the way with 5 x Cats weighing 35lbs 2ozs, 30lbs 20zs, 25lbs 10ozs, 23lbs 8ozs and 23lbs 6ozs.
  • Regular Pat O’Sullivan began his 48 hour session on the 24th September and landed 7 x Cats weighing a total of 194lbs including weights of 33lbs, 2 x 32lbs, 31lbs, 26lbs 22lbs and 18lbs.
  • Visiting on the 25th September, regular Eric Scott (who currently tops the 2017 Cat Leader Board), landed Cats weighing 38lbs 8ozs, 36lbs, 32lbs and 18lbs.
  • Regular Roy Prout arrived on the 25th September for a short break and using halibut pellet bait was soon into the Cats and breaking his PB twice. His 13 x Cats catch included weights 30lbs 6ozs, 38lbs 9ozs PB, 39lbs 11ozs PB and 7 x 20’s.  
  • Returning on the 27th September regular Paul Hutchinson landed Cats weighing 32lbs 14ozs, 29lbs 4ozs, 27lbs 2ozs and 23lbs 14 while colleague Andy Phillips landed Cats weighing 33lbs, 31lbs and 21lbs where the successful bait was Xcel Baits.
  • Jamie Tucker returned on the 28th September and landed Cats weighing 35lbs, 30lbs and 25lbs.
  • During a short break Mark Murray had his first experience on the 29th September with targeting the Cats and achieved 2 x PB’s with weights of 17lbs 2ozs PB, 19lbs 13ozs PB and 19lbs 11ozs.
  • Returning on the 29th September for a 36 hour session Alan Hayzelden landed 8 x Cats weighing a total of 247lbs 13ozs including weights of 37lbs 9ozs, 35lbs 4ozs, 35lbs 2ozs, 34lbs 6ozs and 33lbs plus 3 x 20’2.
  • On the 30th September regular Tony Payne used halibut pellet to catch a 27lbs Cat.

Lake 3 (Mixed)

  • Returning on the 1st September Richard Read landed 15 x Carp (both commons and Mirrors) to 7lbs plus a 1½ lbs Tench.
  • Visiting on the 10th September Ian Harvey landed 7 x Carp to 8lbs, 2 x Tench to 2lbs plus numerous Perch and Roach.
  • Thames Works Angling & Preservation Society (TWAPS) visited on the 17th September and after landing mostly Carp, Bream (the heaviest weighing 7lbs 15ozs which was caught by Kevin Edwards) and Tench; the match results were:
    • 1st          Jack Louth with 68lbs 9ozs
    • 2nd     Terry Williamson with 33lbs 12ozs
    • 3rd      Billy Hargreaves with 10lbs 5ozs
  • Regular Fred Rosier returned on the 21st September and landed 2 x Mirrors to 5lbs 7ozs, 3 x Commons to 6lbs 12ozs and 3 x Tench to 2lbs 8ozs.
  • Dell AS visited on the 24th September and the match results were:
    • 1st         Phil Sene with 31lbs
    • 2nd       Keith Gavin with 29lbs 2ozs
    • 3rd        Peter Vecchi with 28lbs 12ozs          
  • Ian Emms visited on the 28th September and landed Commons weighing 6lbs and 2 x 5lbs, Tench weighing 2lbs and 3lbs plus 5lbs Bream using krill pellets.
  • Roger Simmons visited on the 28th September and landed 5 x Carp weighing from 5lbs to 8lbs, 4 x Bream from 2lbs to 3lbs and 5 x Tench from 1½lbs to 2lbs.
  • Veronica and Richard Crouch visited on the 29th September and landed 9 x Carp to 8lbs, 2 x Tench and 3 x large Bream.
  • Returning on the 29th September regular Richard Read landed 18 x Carp including a 7lbs Mirror and a 7lbs Common plus 20+ Bream and Tench.
  • When visiting on the 30th September, Graham Payne landed 9 x Commons weighing from 2lbs to 10lbs,  2 x Mirrors plus a 1½ lb Bream.