NEWS 1 October 2017 to 31 October 2017

Some dates for your 2018 diary.

The Manor Fisheries 2018 Season is:

  • Open from Saturday 24th March 2018

  • Closed from Monday 1st October 2018

We are now accepting booking requests from visitors with different requirements: 

  • We are now accepting 2018 Bookings that includes “Accommodation and discounted Fishingfor 3, 4 or 7 days or longer. All 2018 Apartment Availability can be seen via our website at . If you require to know the availability of fishing during 2018, you can also call 01622 890 990.

  • The 2018 Night Member application is now available via our web site.

  • From 15th January 2018 we will accept Bookings for fishing from registered 2018 Night Members (who can book ahead up to month six).

  • From 15th February 2018 we will accept bookings for any of our three lakes from the general Public requiring only Day Fishing (7.00 am to 7.00 pm) who can book ahead up to month three. To book Lake 2 (Carp/Catfish) anglers must indicate when they have fished here previously.

Summary – the next 22 weeks

Manor Fisheries is now closed for the winter and before we open again next year on the 24th March 2018. During this period there will again be many tasks to complete including management of the lakes through netting/electro stunning, daily fish feeding and improvement of several swims.

Over the coming weeks we plan to keep you informed of progress and receiving your comments and/or ideas.

Work Party – 25th October

General grounds and islands maintenance was carried out during sunny weather on Wednesday 25th October when a Work Party armed with a chain saw, sharp gardening saws and long poled loppers tirelessly removed an enormous quantity of overhanging branches from Lake 3 (Mixed) and Lake 1 (Carp). This will reduce the number of break offs and expose more sunlight to previously over grown areas of the lakes. We extend our thanks to David Hodge, Kevin Oxley and Jason Tuckey who all volunteered to assist in this annual task. 

2017 Fishing Summary

Lake 2 (Carp/Catfish) - 2017 has been extraordinarily good year for Catfish at Manor Fisheries with a significant increase in 30lbs+ Catfish landed during our usual 6-month open period. The picture below provides a visual summary over the past 3-years and illustrates the number of 30lbs+ Catfish has increased by 30% over 2016; resulting in an average of 72.5 x Cats over 30lbs+ per month.

With Lake 2 limited to a daily maximum of 4-anglers and the daily average number of 30lbs+ cats caught now approaching 2.5, the daily chance of each angler landing a 30lbs+ Cat is statistically better than 50%.

2017 Cats.jpg

Lake 1 (Carp) – Throughout this year the Carp have continued to show up in good numbers including 29 x 20lbs+ landings recorded. The 2018 Season should prove to be even better when the present 150+ doubles grow on.

Lake 3 (Mixed) – Some notable fish were caught this year include a 6lbs 15ozs Tench and a 7lbs 15ozs Bream plus a “Day” haul approaching 500lbs. During this year it has been notable that many Carp have grown significantly in weight while the number of Crayfish caught has dropped greatly.

Thank you to all those anglers who have spent a few moments to summarise their catch in the Cabin Log Book this year.

In addition to recording Cats weighing over 30lbs, and please don’t be shy ……. we request anglers also record Carp over 20lbs as this forms the basis of our Monthly News Report and provides valuable input to our lake management plans.

October 1st and 2nd Fishing Summary

With only 2 days left before closing for the winter, anglers continued to enjoy successes through great catches and setting new PB’s

Lake 1 (Carp)

Dylan Bowden arrived on the 1st October for a short break accompanied by Jake Lilley, who celebrated his 21st birthday with a PB and James Brown. They all used 12mm halibut pellet and boilie baits to achieve a hat-trick of PB’s. Well done.

  • 1st October
    • James – 16lbs 8ozs PB Common, 2 x 10lbs 1oz, 9lbs and 5lbs

    • Jake – 11lbs 7ozs Common

    • Dylan – 10lbs Common

  • 2nd October

    • James – 2 x Commons

    • Jake – 13lbs Common

    • Dylan – 12lbs 8ozs Common

  • 3rd October

    • Jake – 16lbs 6ozs PB Common and 9lbs Commons

    • Dylan – 16lbs 3ozs PB Common

  • Regular Terry Keard was the last angler to visit during our 2017 season when he arrived on the 3rd October for a short break. With winter rapidly approaching it became apparent over the first 4-days that the Catfish in Lake 2 (Carp/Catfish) were not feeding at all. Hence a move to Lake 1 (Carp) was appropriate and this proved to be a very productive session over the next 5-days with 35 x Carp; including 25 x doubles to a 17lbs 19ozs Common:
TK Carp Report.jpg

The successful Carp bait was Krill and Robin Red boilies and Maple pop-ups. Our thanks to Terry who also took a number of scenic pictures that fully captures the peaceful surroundings during his memorable autumn session. 


Lake 2 (Carp/Catfish)

  • Regular Roy Prout arrived on the 25th September for a short break and using halibut pellet bait was soon into the Cats and breaking his PB twice. His 13 x Cats catch included weights 30lbs 6ozs, 38lbs 9ozs PB, 39lbs 11ozs PB (on 1st Oct) and 7 x 20’s. 

    Lake 3 (Mixed)

  • Returning on the 1st October Paul Evans used a long pole with sweetcorn and luncheon baits to have a great session through landing 16 x Carp to 12lbs 8ozs, 12 x Tench to 3lbs 8ozs and 7 x bream to 5lbs 12ozs. Paul has also won the 2017 Tench Leader Board competition with a 6lbs 15ozs specimen.