NEWS: 1st February to 28th February 2017

New Season (Begins 25th March)

At last - the recent arrival of several Greylag and Canadian geese signals winter is beginning to end and spring is not far away.


Fishing Report – 1st February 2017 to 28th February 2017

Thank you to all those anglers who in the past have spent a few moments to summarise their catch in the Cabin Log Book. This information forms the basis of our Monthly Report to keep all anglers informed of what has happened.

To provide an informative monthly summary every angler is urged to share their catch details in the Log Book provided and forward their pictures.

With the new season bookings beginning to increase in quantity; now is the time to renew Night Membership (see website for details) to secure your favourite date(s):


General Maintenance

With the lakes closed for the winter period it has proven to be a good opportunity to carry out various maintenance tasks. This has included:

Angler’s Cabin

The interior of the Angler’s Cabin has been redecorated with a new colour scheme and the exterior has also been repainted.

Angler’s Rod Shed

Those booked in an Apartment and requiring fishing, enjoy the exclusive use of the Angler’s Rod shed for storing wet clothes, tackle and bait. The old fridge/freezer has now been replaced by more appropriate appliances:

  • A fridge for storing live baits including maggots, worms, etc.

  • A freezer for storing frozen baits including, squid, frozen boilies, etc.

  • A fridge for storing only the Angler’s food and drinks

Recording a special memory with a ViKta pen

Achieving a new sporting goal, whether it is that Personal Best fish, a winning goal or even a hole-in-one; it is always exciting and memorable.  Now available are locally hand-crafted ViKta ball-point pens which make an ideal gift for the discerning sportsman or women for recording that special memory.  Using only the finest materials, the ViKta pen clip specifically recognises individual sports including:

  • Football - football

  • Angling – fish or rod

  • Shooting - rifle

  • Golf - putter

The ViKta pen barrels are individually and precision machined using a choice of recycled wood or acrylic.

            ViKta pen components

            ViKta pen components



              Precision turning

              Precision turning

                            Selection of pens

                            Selection of pens

                             With or without a case

                             With or without a case

Each ViKta pen is £23.00 or £24.00 boxed including a refill.

To order email: