NEWS: 1 April to 30 April 2017

The New Season

The new season has started with a b-a-n-g with many great catches and PB’s. Although some of the nights have still been very cold you could hear Cuckoos calling during the day. Thank you to all those anglers who have spent a few moments to summarise their catch in the Cabin Log Book. Only this information forms the basis of our Monthly Report to keep all anglers informed of what has happened.

Important – We all at some time accidently snag a tree or root and break off leaving behind line and bait. If this happens call me to assist in solving a dangerous situation; NEVER leave a line with a baited hook which can tether a fish (or bird) that will subsequently die; it is inexcusable as demonstrated by inconsiderate anglers recently fishing Lake 1 (Carp) and Lake 2 (Carp/Catfish).

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Fishing Report – 1st April 2017 to 30thApril 2017


This April has had a number of frosty nights/mornings with the first goslings and ducklings beginning to appear and fish beginning to be caught in growing numbers. Specimens landed this month include 35 x 30lbs+ Cats to 41lbs 3ozs, 4 x 20lbs+ Carp and Tench to 5lbs 11ozs. Also see Paul Evans memorable Lake 3 (Mixed) catches on April 2nd and April 29th.

Lake 1 (Carp)

  • Visiting for a day on the 1st April, Chris Timson, Will Timson and colleague landed 26 x Carp including 15 x Mirrors ranging 13lbs to 20lbs and Commons ranging 15lbs to 21lbs.

  • Visiting on the 2nd April regular Tony Payne was successful in landing Mirrors weighing 17lbs 8ozs, 12lbs 4ozs and 11lbs 7ozs.

  • Regular Dave Hodge arrived on the 4th April and landed a 15lbs 2ozs Common and Mirrors weighing 21lbs 4ozs and 15lbs 7ozs while colleague Charlie King landed a 17lbs Mirror and Commons weighing 15lbs and 14lbs 8ozs and Fred King landed Commons weighing 17lbs and 15lbs 2ozs.

  • Returning on the 8th April for a 24 hour session Paul Kitt targeted the Carp using pop-up baits and landed Commons weighing 16lbs 8ozs, 14lbs 8ozs, 2 x 14lbs, 12lbs and 7lbs 5ozs plus Mirrors weighing 13lbs 5ozs and 12lbs 8ozs while colleague Bob Irvine had a day session and landed Commons weighing 16lbs 8ozs, 15lbs 4ozs and 11lbs 12ozs.

                           Paul Kitt and a Common

                           Paul Kitt and a Common

                        Bob Irvine and a Common

                        Bob Irvine and a Common

                             Paul Kitt and a Mirror

                             Paul Kitt and a Mirror

                      Bob Irvine and a Common

                      Bob Irvine and a Common

  • Starting his 36 hour session on the 8th April regular Gary Deacon went on to land 4 x Commons and a Mirror weighing from 8lbs to 18lbs. 

  • Mike Ince visited on the 9th April and landed Commons weighing 17lbs 10ozs, 14lbs 8ozs and 13lbs plus a 10lbs 2ozs Mirror.

  • Fishing on the 11th April with Krill pop-ups, Roger Austin landed Commons weighing 15lbs 8ozs and 12lbs.

  • Regulars Terry Keard, Steve Hyder and Phil Lane all began their 48 hour session on the 12th April. Phil landed Commons weighing 17lbs 8ozs, 17lbs, 15lbs 11ozs, 12lbs 2ozs and 8lbs 8ozs plus a 15lbs 11ozs Mirror, Steve landed Commons weighing 19lbs 8ozs, 18lbs, 17lbs, 16lbs 8ozs, 15lbs 10ozs, 13lbs 4ozs, 13lbs and 12lbs 2ozs plus Mirrors weighing 15lbs 8ozs and 13lbs 8ozs and Terry landed Commons weighing 17lbs 8ozs (see below), 16lbs 13ozs, 9lbs 3ozs and 8lbs 13ozs plus a 11lbs 4ozs Mirror.

It was much colder when Terry and Steve returned on the 25th April for a further 48 hour session with Terry landing Commons weighing 15lbs 4ozs and 11lbs 8ozs while Steve landed Mirrors weighing 18lbs and 10lbs 8ozs plus a 9lbs 15ozs Common.

  • On the 14th April Danny Donnelly landed 2 x Commons that both weighed 10lbs and was joined by Kev who also landed 2 x Commons weighing 10lbs and 12lbs but Mark had greater success when he landed 2 x Commons weighing 19lbs and 18lbs plus 3 x Mirrors weighing 19lbs, 15lbs and 12lbs.

  • Visiting for a first time on the 16th April, Mark Chandler landed a 17lbs 8ozs Common while colleague Luke Perkins landed a 14lbs 8ozs Common.

  • Beginning their 36 hour session on the 17th April Lee Bridges landed a Mirrors weighing 13lbs 8ozs and 9lbs 8ozs plus a 17lbs 8ozs Common while colleague Terry Bowdery landed Commons weighing 19lbs and 13lbs 8ozs. Bait was Cell boilies.

  • Arriving on the 17th April for their 48 hour session and two cold nights, James Josiah and David Simpson used Cell boilies and were soon into the Carp with a catch including 17 x doubles consisting of Commons to 17lbs 9ozs and Mirrors to 17lbs 8ozs plus a 8lbs 4ozs Mirror.

  • Martin Crease and Tony Thompson had a great 48 hour session arriving 20th April. Their catch included 35 x Carp including 30 doubles.

  • Regular Jon Butler returned on the 23rd April and landed a 21lbs 10ozs PB Mirror plus a 17lbs Common.

  • First time visitor Simon Rickett on the 23rd April landed a 19lbs 8ozs PB Mirror and also added a 1lb 8ozs Perch to his catch.

  • Regular Dave Hodge returned on the 25th April and landed 3 x 17’s weighing 17lbs 6ozs Mirror, 17lbs 8ozs Common and 17lbs 1oz Common and colleague Louie Knowles landed a 18lbs Common plus a 9lbs Mirror.

  • Visiting on the 26th April Roger Austen caught a 11lbs 8ozs Mirror and a 11lbs Common when Cell boilie was the successful bait.

  • Will Timson had a good session on the 28th April when the successful bail was sticky krill boilies and he landed 8 x Carp weighing 21lbs, 2 x 19lbs, 18lbs, 2 x 16lbs, 15lbs and 8lbs.

  • Jack Day had a great session on the 30th April landing 17 x Carp including weights of 18lbs 5ozs, 18lbs, 3 x 17lbs, 3 x 14lbs and the rest low doubles while Bernie Day had 6 x Carp weighing 16lbs, 14lbs, 13lbs, 2 x 12lbs and 8lbs. Colleagues Denn Barnard and Anthony Powell were also successful with the Carp and Denn’s weights were 14lbs and 13lbs while Anthony catch included weights of 16lbs, 15lbs, 13lbs, 10lbs, 8lbs and 6lbs.

    Lake 2 (Carp/Catfish)

  • Arriving on the 31st march for a 36 hour session, Jeremy Lewington landed Cats weighing 30lbs, 25lbs, 2 x 22lbs and 12lbs.

  • When Anthony Murray visited on the 2nd April he landed a PB Cat weighing 35lbs – see below.

  • Visiting on the 3rd April, Barry Setter landed a Cat weighing 37lbs 5ozs.

  • Regular Jason Tuckey arrived on the 3rd April for his 24 hour session and soon topped the Leader Board with a 38lbs 4ozs Cat. In addition Jason’s catch included other Cats weighing 25lbs. Returning on the 17th April for another 24 hour session Jason landed Cats weighing 37lbs 10ozs, 29lbs, 26lbs 1oz, 22lbs 8ozs and 18lbs 6ozs plus 2 x small Commons.

  • David Richardson arrived on the 3rd April for his 48 hour session and landed Cats weighing 28lbs, 22lbs while colleague Russell Westwood landed a 34lbs 8ozs PB Cat.

  • Regular Roy Prout returned on the 6th April and soon landed Cats weighing 30lbs 13ozs, 21lbs 6ozs and 15lbs 15ozs.

  • Arriving for a short break beginning the 7th April Robert Hanson and Jackie were soon amongst the Cats with Jackie landing a 29lbs PB Moggie. Their catch included Cats weighing 33lbs, 29lbs, 2 x 28lbs, 26lbs, 23lbs 7ozs, 22lbs 7ozs, 2 x 21lbs, 19lbs 8ozs, 19lbs, 18lbs, 13lbs 7ozs and 13lbs.

  • Returning on the 9th April Daniel Selby landed a 33lbs Cat.

  • Paul Murray – see below, had a great session on the 11th April when he found the Cats coming out of hibernation to land 7 x Cats including 3 x 30’s with weights of 39lbs 6oz PB to top the Leader Board, 31lbs 10ozs, 30lbs 13ozs, 26lbs 12ozs, 24lbs 1oz, 22lbs 14ozs and 14lbs 13ozs.

  • Visiting on the 27th April Bill Ellis landed Cats weighing 30lbs 8ozs, 29lbs 8ozs and 24lbs 12ozs and the following day one weighing 14lbs.

  • Daughter Bethany – see below, was also successful and using luncheon meat plus squid boilies landed Cats weighing a 25lbs 8ozs PB and 25lbs 2ozs and then added Commons weighing 11lbs 2ozs, 10lbs 4ozs and 9lbs 10ozs plus a 9lbs 4ozs Mirror to her tally when fishing Lake 1 (Carp).

  • Fishing on the 12th April Phil Rooke had a good session to land 3 x Cats weighing 38lbs 8ozs, 26lbs 8ozs and 23lbs.

  • Visiting on the 13th April Richard Setter landed Cats weighing 31lbs, 30lbs, 27lbs and 2 x 26lbs.

  • Dev Hudagverdi succeeded in placing a bend in his rod on the 14th April when he landed a Cat weighing 38lbs 8ozs.

  • Regular Kevin Oxley arrived on the 14th April for another of his 120 hour sessions and was successful in tempting 4 x 30’s weighing 34lbs 4ozs, 37lbs 14ozs, 38lbs 6ozs and a Leader Board topping 39lbs 8ozs.

  • During a day session on the 15th April Matthew Colegate landed Cats weighing 31lbs 12ozs, 27lbs 6ozs and 17lbs 12ozs.

  • Visiting on the 17th April and with a cold northerly blowing, Jonathan Black used halibut pellet bait and landed a 27lbs PB Cat plus a second weighing 15lbs 8ozs. Nicola O’Leary went one better when targeting Cats for the first time and achieved a 31lbs PB – see below.

  • Peter Parsons returned on the 18th April and landed Cats weighing 24lbs and 13lbs.

  • Paul Murray and Bill Ellis arrived on the 19th April for a great 24 hour session with Bill landing 3 x 30’s including 34lbs 8ozs, 33lbs 12ozs and 33lbs 4ozs plus 27lbs, 24lbs and 22lbs 8ozs while Paul landed Cats weighing 38lbs 4ozs and 27lbs 10ozs.

  • Reg Miller returned on the 21st April and landed Cats weighing 29lbs, 22lbs and 18lbs while colleague Wayne Johnson had a Cat weighing 30lbs 4ozs and a 16lbs Carp.

  • Alan Hayzelden had a great 36 hour session when he arrived on the 21st April breaking his Cat PB three times using single/double mackerel pellets. His catch included 5 x Cats from 10lbs, 12lbs, 26lbs PB, 30lbs PB and 37lbs PB.

  • Beginning his 36 hour session on the 23rd April, Les Roberts went on to land 7 x Cats weighing 28lbs 8ozs, 27lbs 2ozs, 24lbs 7ozs, 22lbs 7ozs, 21lbs 5ozs, 17lbs 5ozs and 14lbs 8ozs.

  • During a 36 hour session beginning 23rd April Pat O’Sullivan landed a 30lbs Cat.

  • When visiting on the 25th April, Dave Wayman used 30mm pellet bait which resulted in his Leader Board topping 41lbs 3ozs PB Cat.

  • Arriving on the 25th April Robin Moyser endured a freezing 36 hour session and using halibut pellet landed Cats weighing 27lbs 8ozs and 19lbs.

  • Regular Paul Hutchinson returned on the 26th April and landed a 19lbs 12ozs Cat and a 12lbs 4ozs Common.

  • Arriving on the 28th April for a short break, Clive Harrison-Betts was soon into the Cats landing 9 weighing 39lbs, 34lbs, 30lbs, 2 x 27lbs, 26lbs, 21lbs, 19lbs and 14lbs.

  • Visiting on 29th April Tracy Cox landed a Cat weighing 24lbs 7ozs.

    Lake 3 (Mixed)

  • Using prawn bait over a bed of corn on the 1st April, resulted in Gary Rust landing 13 x Tench ranging from 1lb 8ozs to 2lbs 8ozs and 6 x Carp (including 2 x 5lbs and 4lbs 8ozs) plus Bream of 3lbs and 3lbs 8ozs.

  • Returning on the 2nd April regular Paul Evans had a great session landing 37 x Carp to 14lbs 12ozs (Mirror), 23 x Tench from 2lbs to 4lbs 20zs and 3 x Bream from 3lbs to 6lbs 2ozs. Paul had another good session on the 29th April landing 7 x Mirrors to 10lbs, 4 x Commons to 7lbs, 13 x Bream to 6lbs 2ozs and 5 x Tench to 5lbs 11ozs.

  • Visiting on the 2nd April graham Payne landed Bream weighing 5lbs, 3lbs 1oz and 2 x 2lbs.

  • Sue and Mark Rogers visited on the 3rd April and using red maggot bait Sue landed 3 x Tench weighing between 1lb 8ozs and 2lbs plus 2 x Commons weighing 7lbs 14ozs and 7lbs 12ozs while Mark used sweet corn and maggot baits to land 2 x Commons both weighing 6lbs 1oz plus Bream weighing 3lbs 14ozs and 3lbs 8ozs. Returning on the 10th April Sue landed a 9lbs 6ozs PB mirror and 1lb 8ozs Tench (both on red maggot) plus a 5lbs 3ozs Common on prawn while Mark used sweetcorn to catch 3 x Carp weighing 7lbs 60zs, 5lbs 6ozs and 5lbs 2ozs, Bream weighing 4lbs 7ozs and 3lbs 8ozs plus 4 x Tench between 1lb 8ozs and 2lbs 8ozs.

  • Robin Simmons visited on the 6th April and landed 12 x Tench weighing between 2lbs 8ozs and 3lbs plus a 2lbs 4ozs Bream while young Tyler had a great mixed catch including 20 x Perch, 10 x Roach, 3 x Rudd, 2 x Tench and a Bream.

  • Fishing on the 11th April David Cheesman and colleague James, landed 4 x Commons and 3 x Mirrors weighing between 14lbs and 6lbs plus 3 x Tench and 3 x Bream.

  • It was a first time visit on the 13th April for Ken and Adrian Paul when Ken used prawn and luncheon meat baits to catch 6 x Tench to 2lbs, a 5lbs Common and a Roach while Adrian used prawn and sweetcorn baits and landed Bream weighing 3lbs and 4lbs, a 2lbs 8ozs Tench and a 5lbs 10ozs Common.

  • Returning on the 14th April Martin Stokes used a variety of baits including sweetcorn, bread and luncheon meat and landed Bream weighing 6lbs, 4lbs and 3lbs, 3 x Commons to 3lbs and 3x Tench to 2lbs.

  • Returning on the 18th April Fred Rosier had a mixed bag including 6 x Bream to 3lbs 15ozs, 2 x Commons to 4lbs 8ozs, a 7lbs 4ozs Mirror and a 12oz Roach.

  • Roger Simmonds visited on the 19th April and landed 15 x Carp to 9lbs and 10 x Tench to 2lbs.

  • Visiting on the 25th April Adrian Paul landed 9 x Tench to 2½lbs, 2 x Carp to 5lbs 14ozs and a 3lbs 11ozs Bream.  

  • Returning on the 30th April Bernard Day landed 6 x Commons to 10lbs 6ozs, 4 x Mirrors and 4 x Bream to 3lbs 12ozs.