NEWS: 1 June 2017 to 30 June 2017

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Some dates for your 2018 diary. The Manor Fisheries 2018 Season opening date is Saturday 24th March and the last date will be Sunday 30th September.

2018 Availability can be seen via and we are now accepting 2018 Bookings that include “Seven days of accommodation plus Fishing” noting charges presently remain unchanged and are the same as those for 2017 until further notice.

Headcorn Air Shows

Dates for Headcorn Air Shows:

  • Battle of Britain – 8th and 9th July

  • Combined Ops – 19th and 20th August

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Fishing Report – 1st June 2017 to 30th June 2017


Following a burst of very hot weather the Carp finished spawning by 20th June followed by a lightning strike on the 22nd.

During June the Cats continued to show in good numbers including 74 x 30lbs+ to a 43lbs 10ozs specimen landed by Eric Scott who now tops the Catfish Leader Board. In addition 4 x 20’s Carp were landed including a 24lbs Mirror specimen caught by Jack Day who now tops the Carp Leader Board.

Thank you to all those anglers who have spent a few moments to summarise their catch in the Cabin Log Book. This information forms the basis of our Monthly Report to keep anglers informed of what has happened.

Lake 1 (Carp)

  • Visiting on the 1st June Bernard Day had success with the Carp landing Commons weighing 19lbs 12ozs and 11lbs plus a 16lbs 8ozs Mirror.

  • Ian Emms visited on the 1st June and landed Carp weighing 15lbs 8ozs and 14lbs 1oz and on the 28th June a 9lbs 2ozs Mirror using an 18mm Mainline Cell boilie.

  • Arriving for a short break on the 4th June, Richard Kemp was soon amongst the Carp and finished with 20 to 22lbs 8ozs (Mirror) plus a 4lbs rogue Catfish.

  • Mike Drane returned on the 7th June and landed Commons weighing 13lbs and 12lbs plus a 15lbs 6ozs Mirror.

  • First time visitor Sam Leggis on the 10th June landed 7 x Carp weighing 21lbs 8ozs, 18lbs, 15lbs, 14lbs, 13lbs 8ozs, 12lbs 8ozs and 10lbs while colleague Dave Luckhurst landed Carp weighing 15lbs, 14lbs and 13lbs 8ozs.

  • Regular Pat O’Sullivan returned on the 12th June for his 60 hour session finding some of the Carp still spawning and ended with landing 3 x Commons weighing 16lbs and 2 x 18lbs.

  • Arriving on the 12th June regulars Terry Keard and Steve Hyder were faced with challenging conditions as the Carp were still in recovery mode, a full moon and rising air pressure. Nevertheless Terry landed Mirrors weighing 18lbs 5ozs and 8lbs 10ozs while Steve landed a 19lbs 5ozs Mirror.

  • Jack Day returned on the 15th June and using Krill boilies landed 7 x Carp including a 24lbs PB Mirror to top the Leader Board plus others of 19lbs, 16lbs, 14lbs, 13lbs, 10lbs and 9lbs.

  • Will Timson visited on the 16th June and landed Carp weighing 17lbs, 13lbs and 8lbs using sticky Krill bait.

  • James Twycross used Mainline Cell boilies on the 17th June and finished with 8 x Carp weighing from 10lbs to 19lbs while colleague Brad Burton landed 7 x Carp weighing from 5lbs to 16lbs 4ozs; catching 6 x off the top using crust and dog biscuits.

  • Steve Potter arrived on the 17th June for a short break and during the 19th landed 7 x Carp to 16lbs and on the 20th 3 x Carp to 14lbs. On the 21st Steve had a change and fished Lake 3 (Mixed) landing 13 x Tench to 2lbs.

  • Paul Kitt visited on the 18th June and using yellow pop-ups landed a 12lbs 10ozs Common – see below.

  • During thunder and lightning on the 22nd June Brian Glanville landed 4 x Carp weighing 16lbs 8ozs, 15lbs 13ozs, 15lbs 4ozs and 10lbs 2ozs while colleague Brian Doust landed a Carp weighing 16lbs 8ozs.

  • Scott Whiteman visited on the 26th June and landed 6 x Carp weighing from 12lbs to 18lbs.

    Lake 2 (Carp/Catfish)

  • Bernie and Gary Day began their 36 hour session on the 1st June and had a great catch with 43 x Cats including 5 x 30’s:

    Bernie – 36lbs 6ozs, 35lbs 10ozs, 35lbs 8ozs, 35lbs, 28lbs 8ozs, 28lbs 4ozs, 27lbs 8ozs, 24lbs 8ozs, 24lbs 2ozs, 23lbs 10ozs, 22lbs 8ozs, 22lbs 6ozs, 21lbs 7ozs, 21lbs 4ozs, 21lbs,  2 x 20lbs 7ozs, 19lbs 9ozs, 19lbs 7ozs, 19lbs 5ozs, 19lbs, 18lbs 10ozs, 17lbs 8ozs, 17lbs, 14lbs 9ozs, 14lbs 8ozs, 12lbs, 10lbs 10ozs, 6lbs, 5lbs 8ozs, 5lbs and 3lbs

    Gary – 32lbs 2ozs, 29lbs, 27lbs, 26lbs, 24lbs 2ozs, 23lbs 8ozs, 17lbs 5ozs, 13lbs 4ozs, 12lbs 4ozs and 12lbs.

  • Returning on the 3rd June for a short break, Alan Miles landed 20 x Cats and set a new PB at 37lbs 4ozs.

  • Arriving on the 3rd June Harry Bigg landed Cats weighing 27lbs, 24lbs and 2 x 17lbs while colleague Josh Laing had Cats weighing 18lbs, 16lbs 8ozs and 13lbs.

  • Mark Forshaw visited on the 5th June and landed Cats weighing 26lbs and 24lbs.

  • Amidst strong winds and torrential rain on the 6th June, Peter Parsons landed 5 x Cats weighing 26lbs, 25lbs, 22lbs, 16lbs and 15lbs while colleague Eric Scott had Cats weighing 32lbs and 29lbs.

  • Visiting on the 7th June, Dan Backshall landed Cats weighing 29lbs 8ozs and 18lbs.

  • Regular Paul Hutchinson returned on the 7th June and using crab boilie bait, landed 7 x Cats weighing 32lbs 12ozs, 25lbs 12ozs, 23lbs 6ozs, 22lbs 6ozs, 21lbs 6ozs, 21lbs 2ozs and 18lbs 4ozs.

  • Alan Bairam returned on the 8th June and landed 5 x Cats weighing 33lbs 13ozs, 29lbs 5ozs, 27lbs 6ozs, 15lbs 10ozs and 14lbs 10ozs and again on the 15th June when he landed a Cat weighing 26lbs 9ozs.

  • Jon and Paul Black were soon landing Cats and finished with weights of 30lbs 6ozs, 28lbs 4ozs, 22lbs 2ozs, 19lbs 2ozs, 17lbs 3ozs, 2 x 17lbs 2ozs plus 4 x kittens.

  • Ian Henderson and son Liam, arrived on the 9th June for a 3-day break and landed 20 x Cats weighing from 10lbs to 38lbs.

  • Regular Mark Davis visited on the 10th June and landed 5 x Cats weighing 37lbs, 2 x 23lbs, 21lbs and 17lbs.

  • Les Roberts and 14 years old son Callum, visited on the 10th June. Callum (below) soon had a work-out setting his PB at 35lbs 11ozs. Other Cats landed weighed 23lbs 10ozs, 22lbs 8ozs, 16lbs 4ozs, 12lbs 5ozs and 10lbs 2ozs.

  • Regular Daniel Selby began his 24 hour session the 10th June and had a great time landing 6 x Cats averaging 30lbs+ including weights of 38lbs, 34lbs, 32lbs 8ozs, 32lbs, 27lbs and 17lbs.

  • Gary Vaughan and Gary Constable arrived on the 10th June for a 60 hour session when they landed 24 x Cats including 6 x 30lbs+ and 11 x 20lbs+.

  • Arriving on the 12th June for a 24 hour session, regular Jason Tuckey landed 6 x Cats weighing 39lbs 8ozs, 28lbs 12ozs, 26lbs, 19lbs and 12lbs 2ozs together with 2 x Commons both weighing 12lbs.

  • Regular Paul Coombes returned on the 12th June for a 60 hour session and landed 17 x Cats weighing 32lbs, 26lbs, 25lbs, 22lbs 8ozs, 22lbs, 20lbs 8ozs, 20lbs, 19lbs 8ozs, 15lbs 8ozs, 15lbs, 14lbs 8ozs, 2 x 13lbs 8ozs and 4 x kittens. 

  • During a short break Jon Dickel landed his PB 41lbs Cat on the 13th June.

  • Gary and Bernie Day returned on the 15th June with Gary landing Cats weighing 34lbs and 31lbs plus a 8lbs Carp and Bernie landing Cats weighing 24lbs 6ozs, 15lbs, 14lbs, 12lbs and 11lbs.

  • Trevor Barton and son Adam visited on the 16th June, and being Adams birthday he landed Cats weighing 39lbs 6ozs PB, 35lbs 6ozs, 22lbs, 21lbs 6ozs, 17lbs plus 2 x kittens while Trevor had Cats of 28lbs, 27lbs, 23lbs and 9lbs.

  • Regular Kevin Oxley returned on the 16th June for a 96 hour session when he had a great catch landing 18 x Cats weighing a total of 514lbs 80zs; including 6 x 30lbs+ weighing 36lbs 2ozs, 34lbs 4ozs, 34lbs 2ozs, 33lbs 6ozs, 33lbs and 32lbs 8ozs plus 11 x 20’s. Of note the average weight of the 18 x Cats was 30lbs+.

  • The weather was hot and the fishing was even hotter when Les Roberts visited on the 19th June and landed 10 x Cats weighing 35lbs, 33lbs 2ozs, 26lbs 8ozs, 25lbs 6ozs, 23lbs 10ozs, 23lbs 7ozs, 22lbs 8ozs, 21lbs 10ozs, 15lbs 4ozs and 10lbs 1ozs.

  • The 20th June continued to be very hot when regulars Peter Parsons and Eric Scott, the “Q & Q Duo”, returned and both had great catches. Peter landed a tiring Quantity 18 x Cats weighing in total 321lbs including weights of 2 x 28lbs, 25lbs, 24lbs, 22lbs, 20lbs, 2 x 19lbs, 2 x 17lbs, 16lbs, 15lbs, 3 x 13lbs, 12lbs and 2 x 10lbs while Eric landed Quality 6 x Cats including weights of 38lbs 7ozs and 43lbs 10ozs to top the Cat Leader Board – see below.

  • Mark Byatt and son Matthew arrived on the 17th June for a short break with friends Steve Potter and Danny Houghton who all had PB’s and jointly landed 27 x Cats from the 21st to 23rd:

  • Regular Jason Tuckey began his 24 hour session on the 22nd June and succeeded in landing 7 x Cats weighing 30lbs 2ozs, 28lbs 12ozs, 27lbs 6ozs, 24lbs 10ozs, 22lbs, 18lbs 4ozs and 14lbs.
  • The 24th June saw the arrival of regular Reg Miller plus five of his colleagues for a short break fishing on Lakes 1 and 2. Barry Trigg fished Lake 1 and landed 17 x Carp weighing from 8lbs to a 17lbs 10ozs Mirror while Steve Harper had a great catch over the week including:


Reg Miller fishing Lake 2 had a superb catch becoming the first angler to join our “1,000lbs Session Club” for a second time with a haul of 1,071lbs 6ozs:


Being very sociable, on the third evening Reg invited two colleagues to join and share his swim (and rods) to review tactics. During this relaxed period all three were successful in landing 30’s but unfortunately Reg’s Cat was not 30lbs but 30ozs:

Lake 3 (Mixed)

  • On Thursday 25th May 2017, the East Kent Branch of the Masonic Fishing Charity hosted some 20 students with behaviour and learning difficulties from the Orchard School in Canterbury and the Bower Grove School from Maidstone.  Lake 3 (Mixed) was their chosen venue and the weather forecast predicted sunshine with a mild breeze.

    The weather developed into a perfect day enabling all the participants to enjoy a day’s fishing. On their arrival the pupils were welcomed and briefed on the safety instructions followed by the allocation of a Caster to help each student at the lakeside. The fishing started off with very little success other than plenty of bites and small fish. Patiently the students persevered and eventually, to the delight of everyone, the larger fish began to be caught.

After a very successful morning and catching many large carp, a klaxon was sounded to alert the young anglers that lunch was being served – a barbecue with all the trimmings was awaiting them. Following lunch, a short session of fishing continued and on completion, all participants attended an award ceremony where Peter Hagger and Graham Snell, both presented special awards to each youngster.

  • With the sun shining, The Duke of Gloucester AS held their match on the 4th June. The results were:

    1st         Ian Wetheral with 62lbs 15ozs

    2nd       Joe Simms with 41lbs 14ozs

    3rd        Ron Poole with 27lbs 11ozs

    4th        Charlie Taylor with 26lbs 7ozs

    5th        Dennis Stubbenhagen with 26lbs 5ozs  

  • Fred Rosier returned on the 6th June and amidst torrential rain and strong winds; when he had a great mixed bag landing Mirrors weighing 7lbs 5ozs and 4lbs 9ozs, Commons weighing 5lbs 13ozs, 5lbs, 3lbs 8ozs and 2lbs 1oz, a Bream weighing 3lbs 2ozs plus 5 x Tench to 2lbs 10ozs and again on the 20th June in blazing sunshine when Fred landed Commons weighing 10lbs 8ozs, 6lbs 15ozs, 5lbs 3ozs and 4lbs 14ozs, a 7lbs 4ozs Mirror, Tench of 2lbs 11ozs and 1lb 7ozs plus Bream of 4lbs 4ozs and 3lbs 3ozs.

  • Paul Wharton visited on the 13th June and his mixed bay included 5 x Carp to 7lbs, a 4lbs Bream and Roach to 1lb.

  • Paul Evans returned on the 17th June and using a pole landed 40+ plus Carp to 12lbs, 30+ Tench to 3lbs 8ozs, a Bream weighing 4lbs 4ozs and 10 x Roach to 10ozs.

  • With the sun shining, The Dell Angling Society held their match on the 25th June. The results were:

    1st         C. Cleary with 67lbs 12ozs

    2nd       R. Hanlon with 41lbs 8ozs

    3rd        P. Vecchi with 35lbs 8ozs