News 1 July 2018 to 31 July 2018

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Fishing Report 1st July 2018 to 31st July 2018

July has been our fourth consecutive record month since 2009 when:

  • More new PB’s were set
  • The Carp Leader Board was again raised
  • More Anglers joined The Manor Fisheries Specimen Club

With the continued hot weather the larger Cats have again appeared in high numbers – especially during the late afternoon and evening sessions. Specimens landed this month include 95 x 30lbs+ Catfish (an average of 3+ per day); including 4 x 40’s to 42lbs, a Leader Board (Mirror) Carp weighing 22lbs 12ozs and Lake 3 (Mixed) Tench to 4lbs 7ozs and Bream to 6lbs 2ozs.

Thank you to all those anglers who took time to record their catches in the Cabin Log Book.

Lake 1 (Carp)

  • Pat Jay and Mark Forde, together with  Ken and Janet Boorman returned for a short break on the 30th June to fish all three lakes with great results:
Ken and Janet.jpg
  • Arriving on the 13th July for a 24 hour session, regular Tony Payne using boilie baits landed 2 x Commons weighing 13lbs 9ozs and 12lbs plus a 9lbs Mirror.
  • Visiting on the 15th July during blazing hot weather, Danny White landed a 15lbs Mirror, a 10lbs Common and a 5lbs Cat while Becky had 2 x Commons weighing 13lbs and 10lbs where luncheon meat and robin red boilies were the successful baits.
  • During continued blazing hot weather on the 16th July, Dave Kendrick used squid and krill boilie baits to raise the Carp Leader Board with a 22lbs 12ozs Mirror. In addition Dave landed another Mirror weighing 16lbs 4ozs plus a 14lbs 8ozs Common. Returning on the 26th July during blazing hot weather Dave landed Mirrors weighing 18lbs 14ozs and 18lbs 8ozs plus Commons weighing 15lbs and 12lbs 10ozs where the bait was spicy tuna and sweet chilli boilies.
  • It was 12 x Carp for regular Jason Tuckey who arrived on the 16th July for his 24 hour session. Using crayfish boilies for bait, Jason landed 8 x Commons weighing 18lbs 10ozs, 18lbs, 15lbs, 13lbs 2ozs, 12lbs 4ozs, 11lbs, 10lbs 8ozs and 4lbs plus 4 x Mirrors weighing 17lbs, 12lbs, 10lbs and 6lbs.
  • Arriving on the 16th July for a short break, regular Roy Prout was soon amongst the Carp landing Commons weighing 16lbs 2ozs, 14lbs 10ozs, 14lbs 1oz, 13lbs 3ozs, 12lbs 3ozs, 11lbs 15ozs, 10lbs 15ozs, 9lbs 12ozs and 7lbs 13ozs plus Mirrors weighing 12lbs 11ozs and 8lbs 6ozs. On the 20th July Roy fished Lake 3 (Mixed) landed three more Carp, 2 x Tench and Perch.
  • Regulars Terry Keard and Steve Hyder began their 48 hour session on the 17th July with Terry landing Commons weighing 10lbs 6ozs and 10lbs 5ozs plus an 11lbs 11ozs Mirror while Steve had 5 x Commons weighing 17lbs 12ozs, 14lbs 5ozs, 14lbs 4ozs, 11lbs 4ozs and 10lbs.
  • It was Commons all round on the 20th July when Melvin Streeter landed 5 x Carp weighing 15lbs, 12lbs, 10lbs, 8lbs 2ozs and 8lbs.
  • Visiting on the 22nd July and using popped-up boilies, Michael Halcrow caught a 11lbs 5ozs Mirror Carp.
  • Paul Jenkins and Frank Amphlett arrived on the 22nd July for their 36 hour session when they landed 16 x Carp that were mostly doubles and weighed from 7lbs to a 15lbs 7ozs Leather.
  • Returning on the 23rd July during continued very hot and sunny weather, Peter Austen landed Commons weighing 14lbs 6ozs and 13lbs 2ozs while Roger Austen landed Mirrors weighing 15lbs and 14lbs 2ozs plus a 13lbs 2ozs Common and all on Cell boilies.

Lake 2 (Carp/Catfish)

  • Regulars Dev Hudaverdi and Mark Davis returned on the 30th June for their 36 hour session during very warm weather. Using spam and halibut pellet baits they landed 12 x Cats including:

  • The 1st July saw the return of Robin Moyser and Nigel Gillard to begin their 60 hour session and had a great result landing a combined 42 x Cats:
  • Beginning his 24 hour session on the 2nd July with spicy squid boilies tipped with yellow foam, produced an excellent 8 x Cats haul weighing 34lbs, 32lbs, 30lbs, 28lbs, 24lbs, 22lbs, 19lbs and 12lbs for regular Jason Tuckey.
  • Regular Bernard Day visited on the 4th July and using halibut pellet bait caught a 21lbs Cat.
  • Regulars Peter Parsons and Eric Scott returned on the 5th July and during hot, thundery weather Peter landed 5 x Cats weighing 35lbs, 31lbs, 22lbs 8ozs, 19lbs and 5lbs while Eric had one of 25lbs.
  • Visiting on the 6th July Aden Lloyd landed 4 x Cats weighing30lbs 8ozs, 25lbs, 22lbs 10ozs and 21lbs 8ozs while Nick Flood had a 26lbs 4ozs Cat and Charlie Flood had a 24lbs 8ozs Cat.
  • Arriving for a 7-day break beginning the 7th July, during very hot and sunny weather, two times 1,000lbs Club winner Reg Miller plus Gary Atkins, Wayne Johson and Melvin Baker focused on the Catfish while Kevin Seal, Steve Harper and Barry Trier focused on the Carp:
                Reg Miller (right) and Gary Atkins                        relaxing after a hard day

                Reg Miller (right) and Gary Atkins

                      relaxing after a hard day

  • Simon Ellis and John Funnell returned on the 14th July for a break and targeting the Catfish landed a total of 896lbs 8ozs including:
John and Simon.jpg
  • Ted Mahoney returned on the 16th July and during very hot and sunny weather landed 6 x Cats to 33lbs. Returning on the 23rd July with the weather still very hoy and sunny Ted landed 3 x Cats weighing 41lbs, 33lbs and 31lbs where 21mm halibut pellet was the successful bait.
  • Regulars David Hodge and Charlie King returned on the 17th July and David landed Cats weighing 24lbs, 22lbs 8ozs and 16lbs while Charlie’s Cat weighed 38lbs.
  • Returning on the 18th July, Gary Day landed 5 x Cats weighing 31lbs 4ozs, 31lbs, 29lbs, 22lbs and 21lbs where halibut pellet was the successful bait.
  • Jason Turk arrived on the 18th July for a 24 hour session and landed Cats weighing 39lbs (PB) and 38lbs 8ozs.
  • Returning for a short break regular Kevin Oxley used halibut pellet to land 14 x Cats to 41lbs 13ozs during continued excessively hot weather:
  • Keith Richards returned on the 21st July and his catch included a 32lbs Cat.
  • Regular Jason Tuckey arrived on the 22nd July for a 24 hour session and during very hot weather landed 9 x Cats weighing 36lbs, 32lbs, 28lbs, 26lbs, 25lbs, 24lbs, 22lbs, 21lbs and 19lbs using halibut pellet bait.
  • In spite of scorching hot weather on the 24th July, regular Peter Parsons landed a 33lbs Cat while Eric Scott had one weighing 39lbs 4ozs.Regular Paul Hutchinson returned on the 25th July during continued scorching hot weather and using Cell boilies landed Cats weighing 36lbs 10ozs and 18lbs 4ozs.
  • Paul Coombes began his 60 hour session on the 25th July and during very hot weather landed 7 x Cats weighing 32lbs, 28lbs, 25lbs 8ozs, 24lbs 8ozs, 24lbs, 17lbs and 16lbs 8ozs; when halibut pellets, luncheon meat and krill boilies were the successful baits.
  • On the 27th July Mark Byatt returned with son Matt plus colleagues Dan Houghton and Steve Potter and together they landed 6 x Cats:

Lake 3 (Mixed)

  • Alan Granger returned for a short break on the 30th June to fish Lakes 1 and 3 with great results:
  • Stewart Monk visited on the 1st July when he landed many Tench to 3lbs, a 2lbs Bream and a 5lbs Carp.
  • Regular Paul Evans returned on the 1st July and using a long pole plus luncheon meat and sweetcorn baits landed 21 x Carp to 8lbs 8ozs, 9 x Tench to 3lbs and a 4lbs 6ozs Bream. And again on the 21st July Paul landed 20+ Carp to 8lbs 6ozs, 18 x Tench to 4lbs 7ozs and a Bream weighing 6lbs 2ozs.
  • Visiting on the 4th July Daniel Dry landed approximately 50 fish including Carp to double figures, Bream to 6lbs and Tench to 5lbs to top the Tench Leader Board.
  • Regular Fred Rosier visited on the 5th July and hot, thundery weather land 2 x Tench and a 3lbs 1oz Bream. And again on the 24th July, with continued scorching weather, Fred landed a 4lbs 11ozs Carp, Bream weighing 3lbs 11ozs and 3lbs 2ozs plus 2 x Tench to 2lbs 5ozs.
  • Visiting on the 6th July, Ian Harding landed 10 x Carp to 8lbs while Lisa Barret had 4 x Carp to 8lbs.
  • Pete Foster had a great session on the 9th July landing 23 x Tench to 3lbs, 7 x Bream to 4lbs plus a 2lbs Carp.
  • Graham Payne returned on the 14th July and using pellet baits landed 4 x Commons from 2 to 9lbs, 5 x Mirrors from 3 to 8lbs, 2 x Tench to 2lbs and 2 x Bream to 2lbs.
  • The Dell AS visited on the 15th July and during extremely hot and sunny weather recorded the following results:
    • 1st Colin Cleary with 70 lbs 6ozs
    • 2nd Gordon Cumming with 42lbs 9ozs
    • 3rd John Bird with 41lbs 4ozs
  • Fred Graham returned on the 17th July and landed 12 x Carp plus 3 x Tench.
  • Using luncheon meat, sweetcorn and bread baits on the 18th July resulted in Bernard Day landing 2 x Commons to  6lbs 7ozs, a 5lbs 4ozs Mirror, 2 x Bream and a 3lbs 8ozs Tench.
  • Fishing on the 22nd July Richard Sandy used krill pellets and sweetcorn to catch 4 x Carp to 6lbs plus a Roach weighing 1lb 4ozs.
  • Richard Sayers and Peter Anderson visited on the 24th July during scorching hot weather and together they caught 3 x Mirrors to 7lbs, 7 x Commons to 5lbs 10ozs, 15 x Tench to 3lbs 2ozs and 5 x Bream between 3lbs and 3lbs 15ozs.
  • Roger Simmons returned on the 27th July and with grandson Tyler; who between them landed 100+ fish including Carp to 10lbs, Bream to 3lbs, Tench to 3lbs plus numerous Roach, Rudd and Perch.
  • Jay Hall visited on the 30th July and landed a 5lbs Mirror, 2 x Commons to 6lbs and 2 x Tench to 3lbs 8ozs while Sam had 4 x Carp to 7lbs.
  • After a slow start on the 31st July, Peter Foster landed Commons weighing 6lbs and 9lbs 8ozs, a 6lbs Mirror plus 6 x Tench from 2lbs 8ozs to 3lbs 8ozs while colleague Mike Dougherty landed 4 x Commons to 9lbs and 2 x Bream weighing 2lbs 8ozs and 3lbs where sweetcorn and prawn were the successful baits.