NEWS 1 August 2018 to 31 August 2018


For the 2019 season, Manor Fisheries is changing to a limited Membership only Fishery for all fishing.

All day and/or night bookings for fishing will now incur an annual one-off 2019 Membership fee of £20.00 in addition to the published charges for fishing.

The above fee does not apply to Lake 3 (Mixed) Concessionary anglers, those under 18 years, Angling Clubs or anglers booked with an Apartment.

A booking for fishing at Manor Fisheries for the 2019 Season will only be accepted from:

  1. An angler with an Apartment booking which includes temporary Membership during their stay
  2. A 2019 Member with the option to book fishing for day and/or night fishing throughout the Manor Fisheries 2019 Season
  3. A certified Angling Club which is provided temporary Membership during a Match day
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Manor Fisheries is now accepting 2019 booking and membership requests from visitors with differing requirements: 

Fishing Report 1st August 2018 to 31st August 2018

In spite of some excessively hot weather the larger Cats have again appeared in good numbers – especially during the evening sessions. Specimens landed this month include 93 x 30lbs+ Catfish (an average of 3+ per day) to 41lbs 10ozs landed by Eric Scott, Lake 1 Carp to 21lbs 10ozs and Lake 3 (Mixed) Tench to 4lbs 2ozs and Bream to 6lbs 15ozs.

In addition:

  • More new PB’s were set
  • More Anglers joined The Manor Fisheries Specimen Club

Thank you to all those anglers who took time to record their catches in the Cabin Log Book.

Lake 1 (Carp)

  • Paul Hounsell, Darren Epps, Richard Hounsell and George Hind all made a return visit for a short break beginning the 28th July. Although the weather was challenging, included continuous unseasonal hot sunshine plus limited but heavy rain, this did not deter many good catches being made. In total 52 x Carp were caught mostly during the early evening and ranged in weight from 9 lbs to 18lbs 8ozs using a mixture of baits including halibut pellet, Krill boilies and sweetcorn.
  • Returning on the 1st August David Hodge landed 3 x Commons weighing 17lbs 12ozs, 11lbs 8ozs and 8lbs 10ozs plus a 16lbs 4ozs Mirror.
  • On the 1st August Fred Little caught 4 x Commons weighing 15lbs 4ozs, 12lbs 8ozs, 11lbs 2ozs and 10lbs 2ozs and all between 3.00pm and 5.30pm using Black Cherry Wafters.
  • Nick Flood visited on the 4th August and landed 5 x Carp including weights of 15lbs, 12lbs 4ozs, 11lbs 6ozs, 10lbs 8ozs and 9lbs where Robin Red pellet was the successful bait.
  • Bradley Burton arrived on the 4th August to begin a 24 hour session and landed 15 x Carp including weights of 18lbs 8ozs, 17lbs 8ozs, 2 x 16lbs, 15lbs 8ozs, 14lbs 12ozs, 14lbs, 13lbs, 12lbs, 11lbs, 3 x 10lbs and 8lbs 5ozs while colleague Dan Luckhurst had many fish from 8lbs to 17lbs 5ozs.
  • During his visit on the 5th August Ryan Hills landed 9 x Carp weighing from 10lbs to 18lbs.
  • The long awaited rain arrived on the 8th August and produced variable results when Charlie King landed 2 x Commons weighing 17lbs 8ozs and 14lbs while colleague David Hodge had a great 9 x Carp haul including Commons weighing 21lbs 10ozs, 19lbs 2ozs, 16lbs 8ozs and 13lbs 12ozs plus Mirrors weighing 18lbs 8ozs, 17lbs 6ozs, 14lbs 8ozs, 9lbs and 5lbs 8ozs.
  • Visiting on the 9th August produced 8 x Carp for Melvin Streeter including Mirrors weighing 15lbs 10ozs, 14lbs 12ozs, 13lbs 4ozs, 12lbs 6ozs and 1½lbs plus Commons of 13lbs 4ozs, 10lbs 6ozs and 8lbs.
  • Although the 10th August arrived with long awaited rain, regular Roger Austen landed 4 x Carp including Commons weighing 13lbs 8ozs, 13lbs and 12lbs plus a 14lbs Mirror where Cell was the successful bait.
  • Will Timson visited on the 10th August and using krill/butter corn Cell bait landed 8 x Carp ranging from 8lbs to 15lbs.
  • Arriving on the 11th August for a short break, Elaine and Ian Thomas used Nash boilie baits and were soon catching from Lake 1 (Carp):
11 aug.jpg
  • Regulars Terry Keard and Steve Hyder arrived on the 14th August for a 60 hours session. Terry’s 10 x Carp included Commons weighing 17lbs 8ozs, 14lbs 4ozs, 12lbs 8ozs, 12lbs 7ozs, 12lbs 5ozs, 11lbs 6ozs, 10lbs 8ozs and 8lbs 8ozs plus Mirrors weighing 17lbs 8ozs and 16lbs 15ozs while Steve landed 8 x Commons weighing from 8lbs to 13lbs 8ozs.
  • Visiting on the 19th August regular Mick Rogers used Urban nut cracker boilies to catch 8 x Carp, including Commons weighing 19lbs 8ozs, 16lbs 10ozs, 14lbs 4ozs, 12lbs 5ozs, 12lbs, 11lbs 10ozs and 8lbs plus a 13lbs 12ozs Mirror while Alan Rogers had a 13lbs 4ozs Common using pineapple boilie bait.
  • Adrian Burton returned on the 20th August and using halibut pellet bait caught 3 x Commons all weighing 13lbs each.
  • Regular Terry Keard returned on the 21st August for a 48 hour session and using krill, Robin Red and Triple A baits landed 21 x Carp including 19 x doubles consisting of 14 x Commons weighing over 10lbs to 15lbs 3ozs and 5 x Mirrors over 10lbs to 16lbs 15ozs.
  • Regulars Roger and Peter Austen returned on the 22nd August when Roger used Cell krill baits to catch 6 x Commons weighing from 3lbs to 12lbs plus Mirrors weighing 7lbs and 8lbs while Peter had a 12lbs 5ozs Common.
  • Using Cell and crab boilies on the 23rd August Gary Cherry landed 18 x Carp ranging from 10lbs to 17lbs.
  • Arriving for a short break on the 24th August John Delieu and James Constantine landed 8 x Carp (Commons and Mirrors) including weights of 16lbs, 15lbs, 13lbs 8ozs, 13lbs and 12lbs for John and 14lbs, 12lbs and 7lbs for James.
  • Returning for a short break beginning the 24th August, regular Kevin Oxley landed 12 x Carp including Commons weighing 15lbs 1oz, 2 x 14lbs 6ozs, 2 x 13lbs 11ozs, 12lbs 6ozs, 10lbs 7ozs, 10lbs 2ozs, 9lbs 10ozs, 9lbs 6ozs, 6lbs 8ozs plus a Mirror weighing 11lbs.
  • Veronica and Richard Crouch visited on the 26th August when Richard landed 12 x Carp weighing from 6lbs to 15lbs and Veronica’s 5 x Carp weighed from 10lbs to 18lbs.
  • Arriving for a short break on the 27th August, Harvey Rhodes used manila and krill boilies (followed by manila snowman and pineapple pop-up together with Nash tangerine dream boilies) and was soon landing Commons and Mirrors:
  • Paul Hutchinson visited on the 29th August and using Mainline pineapple/snowman bait landed 9 x Carp to 17lbs 14ozs.
  • Returning on the 30th August Peter Austen landed 2 x Commons weighing 15lbs 2ozs and 10lbs 4ozs.

Lake 2 (Carp/Catfish)

  • Making a return visit for a short break beginning the 28th July, the variable weather that included continuous unseasonal hot sunshine plus limited but heavy rain, did not deter many good catches being made and achieving a combined Weekly Catch of 958lbs:
  • Regular Nick Burden began his 60 hour session on the 1st August and in spite of continued hot weather landed 8 x Cats including weights of 36lbs 14ozs, 32lbs 4ozs, 30lbs 12ozs, 29lbs 5ozs, 29lbs 1oz, 28lbs 6ozs, 22lbs 10ozs and 13lbs 6ozs.
  • Arriving for a break on the 4th August, Alan Miles targeted the Cats during both very hot and then very wet weather. Not giving up Alan caught several Cats including 3 x 30’s to a 39lbs 6ozs PB on his last day throughout continuous rain.
  • Regulars Gary and Bernie Day arrived on the 5th August for their 36 hour session. Gary landed 15 x Cats weighing 2 x 31lbs, 30lbs, 28lbs, 26lbs 10ozs, 26lbs, 25lbs, 23lbs 4ozs, 22lbs 10ozs, 22lbs 8ozs, 21lbs 12ozs, 20lbs 8ozs, 17lbs 10ozs, 16lbs and 14lbs 1oz while Bernie landed 4 x Cats including weights of 31lbs 8ozs, 29lbs 8ozs and 2 x kittens.
  • Returning on the 6th August, regular Jason Tuckey experienced a hot and sweaty 24 hour session during continued hot weather when he landed 9 x Cats weighing 33lbs 6ozs, 28lbs 8ozs, 25lbs, 21lbs, 20lbs 4ozs, 19lbs, 17lbs, 15lbs plus a kitten.
  • The long awaited rain arrived on the 8th August and produced variable results when Andy Phillips landed a 34lbs 2ozs Cat using Excel bait while colleague Paul Hutchinson had a good 6 x Cat haul including weights of 32lbs, 30lbs 2ozs, 26lbs 8ozs, 22lbs 2ozs, 18lbs 4ozs and 14lbs 2ozs where Cell boilie was the successful bait.
  • Regulars Steve Collins and son Shaun visited on the 11th August and using halibut pellet bait caught Cats weighing 24lbs 13ozs and 15lbs.
  • Regulars Robin Moyser and Nigel Gillard arrived on the 10th August for their 84 hour session and landed 25 x Cats including:  
  • Dan Luckhurst returned on the 11th August to begin his 24 hour session and finished with 7 x Cats weighing a total of 196lbs 4ozs including weights of 37lbs, 34lbs, 33lbs, 32lbs 4ozs, 26lbs, 24lbs and 10lbs.
  • Regulars Eric Scott and Peter Parsons visited on the 14th August and jointly landed 9 x Cats including:
ES 41.10.jpg
  • Paul Coombes returned on the 13th August for his 60 hour session and using krill boilie and luncheon meat baits landed 15 x Cats including weights of 38lbs, 35lbs, 31lbs 8ozs, 27lbs 8ozs, 26lbs, 25lbs 8ozs, 2 x 24lbs, 23lbs 8ozs, 2 x 22lbs, 2 x 19lbs, 16lbs and 13lbs.
  • Using halibut pellet bait on the 15th August, regular Ted Mahoney landed 12 x Cats weighing from 12lbs to 34lbs.
  • Returning for their 48/60 hour session beginning the 16th August, Reg Miller and colleagues had another great session including 18 Cats weighing 30lbs+ with a high number taking halibut pellet bait during the late evening:
Reg Miller.jpg
  • Regular Paul Hutchinson visited on the 18th August and using Cell boilie bait caught 6 x Cats weighing 28lbs 10ozs, 27lbs 10ozs, 26lbs 8ozs, 21lbs 14ozs, 16lbs 10ozs and 14lbs 2ozs.
  • A Hadlow College group led by Brian Bailey arrived on the 19th August for a 36 hour session and their catch included 6 x 30’s:
  • Arriving on the 21st August for a short break, it was a new experience for Keith Grey and Tim Byrne to target Cats. Using halibut pellet bait Keith’s catch included 8 x Cats weighing 34lbs 4ozs PB, 32lbs 8ozs, 32lbs, 28lbs 4ozs, 28lbs, 27lbs, 19lbs and 17lbs 8ozs while Tim landed 6 x Cats weighing 29lbs 20zs PB, 28lbs 8ozs, 2 x 27lbs 8ozs, 23lbs and 16lbs 8ozs. 
  • Roger Simmonds and Tyler Edwards visited on the 24th August and landed Cats weighing 36lbs, 35lbs, 33lbs, 31lbs, 23lbs, 22lbs, 21lbs, 16lbs, 15lbs and 14lbs plus a 15lbs Carp.
  • Arriving for a short break on the 24th August Bruce and James Constantine used mostly halibut pellet bait but also luncheon meat and boilies to land 12 x Cats weighing 41lbs 8ozs (a PB for Bruce), 38lbs, 37lbs 8ozs, 32lbs, 30lbs 8ozs, 3 x 28lbs (a PB for James), 25lbs 8ozs, 23lbs, 15lbs and 14lbs 8ozs.
BC 41.8.jpg
  • Visiting on the 25th August, Richard Edmonds (plus young Harry) landed a 40lbs Cat:
nnnnnnn 40.00.jpg
  • Using Excel baits on the 26th August Andy Phillips landed 6 x Cats weighing 36lbs 8ozs, 31lbs, 24lbs 8ozs, 21lbs 4ozs, 19lbs and 16lbs while colleague J Flower’s Cats weighed 31lbs, 25lbs 8ozs and 8ozs.
  • Returning on the 28th August regulars Eric Scott and Peter Parsons jointly landed 3 x Cats with Eric’s weighing 34lbs 8ozs and Peter’s weighing 25lbs and 23lbs.
  • David Platt returned on the 29th August for a 36 hour session with colleagues Colin Platt, Robert Bates and Robert Lane who jointly landed 17 x Cats including weights of 2 x 38lbs 8ozs, 36lbs, 13 x 20+ and one of 15lbs.
  • Sean and B Holman visited on the 31st August and their catches respectively were 4 x Cats weighing from 23lbs to 33lbs plus 1 x Carp and 2 x Cats weighing a 34lbs PB and 29lbs 8ozs.


Lake 3 (Mixed)

  • Graham Payne returned on the 29th July and using pellet baits landed 9 x Commons to 8lbs, 2 x Mirrors to 4lbs, 2 x Tench to 1lb 8ozs.
  • Jay Hall visited on the 30th July and enjoyed a mixed catch including a 5lbs Mirror, 2 x Commons to 6lbs and 2 x Tench to 3lbs 8ozs while partner Sam landed 4 x Carp to 7lbs.
  • After a very slow start on the 31st July, Peter Foster landed Commons weighing 9lbs 8ozs and 6lbs, a 6lbs Mirror and 6 x Tench to 3lbs 8ozs while colleague Mike Dougherty landed 4 x Carp to 9lbs plus 2 x Bream to 3lbs with both using mostly sweetcorn and prawn baits.
  • Regular Steve Hyder returned on the 1st August and landed 5 x Carp to 6lbs 8ozs plus 7 x Tench to 3lbs.
  • Visiting on the 4th August, the competitive spirit was alive and well. Depending on the rules decided it could be that young Charlie was the winner!
  • Regular Paul Evans returned on the 4th August and using both long/short pole landed 30+ Carp to 9lbs 4ozs, 17 x Bream to 5lbs 5ozs and 5 x Tench to 4lbs 2ozs where sweetcorn and luncheon meat proved to be the successful baits. Returning on the 11th August Paul used similar tactics and ended with 11 x Carp to 10lbs 2ozs, 5 x Bream to 6lbs 15ozs and 7 x Tench to 3lbs 13ozs. And again on the 26th August Paul landed 6 x Carp to 7lbs 4ozs, 7 x Bream to 5lbs 6ozs and 6 x Tench to 3lbs 14ozs.
  • It was slow going on the 6th August when Bernard Day used luncheon meat to lure 2 x Mirrors to 4lbs 10ozs.
  • Under the guidance of Judi Swatland and Steve Hyder on the 9th August, young Luke Sands landed 17 fish including Roach, Rudd and Perch.
  • The Whitbread Friendly AS visited on the 12th August and during overcast weather recorded the following results:
    • 1st  C Bonny with 49 lbs 6ozs
    • 2nd B Wicker with 8lbs 10ozs
    • 3rd  D Collier with 8lbs 6ozs
  • Regular Fred Rosier visited on the 14th August and landed Commons weighing 6lbs and 5lbs 4ozs and a 8lbs Mirror plus a 3lbs 2ozs Bream and again on the 28th August Fred’s catch included 7 x Commons weighing 9lbs, 7lbs 4ozs, 5lbs 11ozs, 4lbs 9ozs, 4lbs 4ozs, 2lbs 12ozs and 2lbs 11ozs, 6 x Mirrors weighing 7lbs 7ozs, 7lbs 2ozs, 5lbs 15ozs, 4lbs 10ozs, 4lbs 9ozs and 2lbs 15ozs plus a 1lb 12ozs Tench.
  • Dick Sayer had a good session on the 14th August landing 10 x Carp including 6 x Commons to 6lbs 2ozs and 4 x Mirrors to 9lbs 4ozs plus 8 x Tench to 2lbs 8ozs and 3 x Bream to 3lbs 6ozs.
  • Ken Paul visited on the 15th August and using a method feeder and luncheon meat landed a 5lbs 8ozs Common plus a 7lbs 8ozs Mirror.
  • Arriving for a short break on the 20th August, Marilyn and Rod Daniels were soon landing Carp when Rod used luncheon meat and bread baits while Marilyn used bread flake and sweetcorn baits to set 2 x PB’s:
  • Well done to young Oscar Webb who visited on the 22nd August and under the able tutorage of Fred Rosier achieved 2 x PB’s including a 2lbs 15ozs PB Bream and Tench weighing a 2lbs 7ozs PB and 2lbs 5ozs.
  • Arriving for a short break on the 24th August John Delieu and James Constantine used 8mm double pellet baits with a method feeder and quivertip. John landed 4 x Commons/Mirrors weighing from 6lbs to 8lbs while James had 9 x Commons and Mirrors all above 8lbs to 13lbs plus one of 4lbs and a 4lbs Tench.
  • Neil Cordier visited on the 30th August and landed 2 x Commons, a Mirror and 4 x Tench/Bream.