1 March 2019 to 31 March 2019

Manor Fisheries Season is OPEN.

A warm welcome awaits all our regulars and new visitors. We look forward to everyone enjoying memorable fishing sessions including new PB’s and joining the Manor Fisheries Specimen and 1,000 lbs Clubs.

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The March weather has been very changeable and Spring like; including a hot spell, several showers and very high winds during week–2, that brought down two trees and during week–3 a further eight spindly trees around Lake 3 (Mixed) and on the island plus a length of field fencing.  

Important Changes to 2019 Booking Requests

For the 2019 season, Manor Fisheries has changed to a limited Membership only Fishery for all fishing. If not already completed, now is the time to apply online for your 2019 Manor Fisheries Membership at https://www.manor-fisheries.co.uk/night-fishing/.


Lake 3 (Mixed) Netting and electro stunning

A Hadlow College team of eight, led by Brian Bailey - Commercial Fisheries Manager, arrived on Tuesday 19th March equipped with both Seine nets and electro-fishing equipment. The focus was on checking for rouge Cats and surprisingly one of approximately 20 lbs was caught and rehomed to Lake 2 (Carp/Catfish).

A solution for deterring cormorants, which focus around Lake 3 (Mixed) during the winter; needs to be found as they have damaged at least two Tench plus 3 x Carp including a 24lbs Mirror.

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Actions Completed During Closed Period

During the past 6-months Manor Fisheries was able to complete activities including:

  • Management of all three lakes through netting and electro stunning.

  • Completed a daily winter fish feeding programme using 1,000Kg of high quality feed specifically for Lakes 1 and 2 and 200 Kg of the usual feed for Lake 3 (Mixed).

  • Finished general grounds and islands maintenance including storm damage, brambles cut back on all three islands and trees around margins trimmed.

  • Completion of Apartments and security systems maintenance.

We look forward to keeping you informed of progress and receiving your comments and/or ideas.

Fishing Report – 23rd March 2019 to 31st March 2019


It was good to again welcome our regulars (and new) visitors when we “Opened” during an overcast Saturday 23rd March. It was a 1, 2, 3 during our March opening week when all three Leader Boards were soon up and running:

  • Congratulations to Chris Timson who was first to quickly set the Bar for the Carp Leader Board on the 23rd March.

  • On the 24th March, Andy Bush found Lake 3 (Mixed) already in good form and immediately set the Bar for the Tench Leader Board.

  • On the 26th March Eric Scott set the Bar for the Catfish Leader Board

 See more details below showing how the Leader Boards keep rising.


Lake 1 (Carp)

  • Chris Timson and his son Will arrived on the 23rd March when Will used Krill boilie bait to catch a 9lbs Common which was topped by a Carp Leader Board 12lbs Mirror caught by Chris using tuna pacific boilies.

  • Clive Morrison used 10mm Quest Rahja Spice boilies on the 24th March and raised the Leader Board with a 19lbs Common.

  • Returning for a short break, regular Kevin Oxley was soon landing Carp using Krill boilie bait including:

    • 25th – 16lbs 2ozs Common

    • 26th – 18lbs 20zs,  16lbs 11ozs and 15lbs 4ozs all Commons

    • 27th – 10lbs 4ozs Mirror

  • Paul and Sam Jenkins visited on the 28th March when Spam was the successful bait for catching:

    • Paul – 19lbs, 15lbs 8ozs, 15lbs 2ozs Commons and a 11lbs 5ozs Mirror

    • Sam – 14lbs, 19lbs 8ozs Mirrors to top the Carp Leader Board 

Lake 2 (Carp/Catfish)

  • The Cat Leader Board was set in motion on the 26th March with a 36lbs specimen caught by Eric Scott.

  • Visiting on the 29th March, Ian Brown landed a 26lbs Cat.

  • Jason Tusk visited on the 30th March and landed Cats weighing 26lbs 4ozs and a 37lbs 2ozs specimen to top the Cat Leader Board.

  • Mark Young and Lee Dowse arrived on the 31st March for their 24 hour session and using halibut pellet bait landed a 25lbs Cat and 2 x 34lbs Cats respectively.

    In summary the opening week saw 7 x Cats landed weighing in total over 218lbs or on average 31lbs+ each.

Lake 3 (Mixed)

  • Regular Graham Payne returned on our opening day and using pellet bait landed a 2lbs Bream.

  • Returning on the 24th March for his new season, Andy Bush had a great start to the season with a mixed bag including 6 x Commons weighing 8lbs, 6.5lbs, 5lbs, 4lbs, 3.5lbs and 2lbs, a 4lbs Mirror, Bream weighing 4lbd and 3lbs, 4 x Tench weighing 2 x 3lbs, 2.5lbs and 2lbs plus a single Roach to top the Tench Leader Board and again on the 28th March using a pole and prawn bait; landing Commons weighing 9lbs, 5lbs, 4lbs and 3lbs, Mirrors of 8lbs and 7lbs plus Bream of 4lbs 8ozs and 4lbs; 7 x Tench between 3lbs and 2lbs and a couple of Perch.

  • Richard and Veronica Crouch returned on the 24th Match and using Manilla boilie bait Richard landed a 2lbs Bream and 1.5lbs Tench while Veronica landed a 5lbs Common and a 4lbs Mirror.

  • Pete Foster returned on the 26th March and landed 6 x Commons from 4lbs to 6lbs, 3 x Mirrors, a 2lbs Tench and a bonus 1lb 8ozs Crucian.

  • Regular Fred Rosier returned on the 26th Match and had a good session landing 7 x Commons weighing 10lbs 12ozs, 8lbs 5ozs, 7lbs 4ozs, 7lbs 3ozs, 6lbs 2ozs, 5lbs 12ozs and 5lbs 4ozs plus Mirrors weighing 8lbs 15ozs and 7lbs 8ozs and a 3lbs 2ozs Bream.

  • Continuing with his good form, on the 29th March Andy Bush again used his pole and prawn bait to land:

    • 11 x Commons weighing 9lbs, 8lbs, 2 x 7lbs, 6lbs, 2 x 5lbs, 4lbs, 2 x 3lbs and 2lbs

    • 2 x Mirrors weighing 6lbs and 5lbs

    • 6 x Tench weighing 3lbs 8ozs to raise the Leader Board, 2 x 3lbs and 3 x 2lbs

  • Roger and Tyler Simmons visited on the 30th March and landed Carp to 10lbs plus Bream and Roach.

Swim Repairs

The upgraded swims contain concrete and the use of a rod pod is ideal. Although the use of bank sticks is still fine, when fishing near to the water’s edge please avoid damage through banging into the concrete which will also scare the fish away from your swim. Alternatively you can locate your rods (and bank sticks) further back from the water’s edge to completely avoid the concrete.


Manor Fisheries Specimens

Each year we award every angler with a PIN to commemorate catching their first Manor Fisheries specimen fish for each species shown below. The 2019 PIN qualifying weights are:


2019 Leader Board

The Leader Board competition will again run throughout our 2019 Season and commence on Saturday 23rd March 2019. Prizes will be awarded for the following specimens caught by or on Sunday 29th September 2019:

  • £50.00 for the first verified 50lbs+ Catfish

  • £50.00 for the first verified 30lbs+ Carp

  • £50.00 for the first verified 8lbs+ Tench

 In the event these “Target weights” are not met, the above prizes will be awarded for the heaviest verified Carp, Catfish and Tench specimens recorded in the Cabin Log Book by or on Sunday 29th September 2019.

In addition to recording Cats weighing over 30lbs, don’t be shy ……. please also record Carp over 20lbs as this forms the basis of our Monthly News Report and provides valuable input to our lake management plans.

Thank you to all those anglers who have spent a few moments in the past to summarise their catch in the Cabin Log Book.