NEWS 1 June 2019 to 30 June 2019

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You can now book your favourite week for 2020.  See Availability online via  . We are accepting bookings for 7-nights or longer that includes Apartment plus Fishing which are currently based on 2019 charges.


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2019 Bookings

For the 2019 season, Manor Fisheries changed to a limited Membership only Fishery for all fishing. Last month we indicated Membership was “rapidly approaching FULL and we confirm that the 2019 Membership is now FULL.

Manor Fisheries in the NEWS

Following a visit last month, Duncan Charman the Anglers Mail South East correspondent and specimen angler, published a three page Anglers Mail feature article on the 18th June entitled Where to Fish that highlighted Manor Fisheries.  

No to lead clips

A big thank you to Lee Dowse and Mark Young who selflessly pulled in their Lake 2 lines on the 10th June to assist in freeing both a live Magpie and a live Moorhen that had become entangled in carelessly discarded island line (when a line clip had not been used by a previous angler).

On examination of the line attached to the Moorhen, it was very disappointing to see again that the rig included a “Death Trap” fixed lead clip plus tubing too narrow to allow line to pass. To ensure fixed lead clips are no longer used there is no alternative but to now ban all lead clips with immediate effect. If in doubt, re-read the Rules via and keep to them.

The safe ledgering solution is a “Run Ring” with a bead – if in doubt ask.

No to Spods and Spoons

There have been some good catches during the past two months and overall the size has often been higher than last year but the quantity has generally been down on Lake 2 (Carp/Catfish). Thanks to most anglers recording their catches in the Cabin log-book it’s worth comparing 2018 with 2019 and having a closer look at the six main factors that could affect catches.

Lake factors.jpg

Obviously we all have no control over rows 2 and 3 but Manor Fisheries constantly manages rows 1, 4 and 5 whilst leaving row 6 to be managed by visitig anglers. Unfortunately there has recently been some “Spodding” activity (which is banned) and over loose feeding with large spoons.  During the spawning months of May and June the introduction of excessive feed does NOT encourage fish to feed but significantly has the opposite effect producing a longish recovery period. A more than sufficient attractor bait is a small PVA bag (or string).

There is never any need to introduce high levels of loose feed and such activity is not acceptable and will invalidate Membership.

If in doubt, re-read the Rules via and keep to them. 

Fishing Report – 1st June 2019 to 30th June 2019

Leader Board Summary

Congratulations to:

  • Paul Witherspoon topping the Tench Leader Board with 5lbs.

June Catch Summaries

Lake 1 (Carp)

Although the Carp have been spawning on-and-off throughout all this month the catches have generally been similar to last year:

  • During a short break Jake Moore landed 3 x Carp including Mirrors weighing 11lbs and 9lbs plus a 8lbs 6ozs Common on the 8th June and next day a 17lbs Mirror.

  • Regular  Alan Rogers returned on the 9th June and using pineapple pop-ups caught a 14lbs 8ozs Common while Mick Rogers used a nutcracker pop-up to catch a 9lbs 10ozs Carp. Again on the 23rd June Mick landed Commons weighing 16lbs 10ozs and 12lbs.

  • During a short break Colin Prentice landed a 18lbs Common and a 6lbs Mirror on the 10th June; followed by a couple of small Cats which were rehomed to Lake 2 (Carp/catfish).

  • Regular Steve Hyder returned on the 12th June and landed a 16lbs 2ozs Common and a Mirror weighing 11lbs 4ozs.

  • During a short break John King landed Carp weighing 18lbs and 15lbs on the 17th June while brother Glenn had a 17lbs Carp using luncheon meat bait.

  • Returning for a 24 hour session on the 17th June, regular Jason Tuckey landed Commons weighing 15lbs 6ozs and 14lbs plus a 19lbs 2ozs Mirror.

  • Returning on the 18th June, regular Terry Keard experienced violent lightening and four inches of rain but using Robin Red, Krill and halibut pellet baits landed 4 x Carp including Commons weighing 14lbs 1oz and 13lbs 4ozs plus Mirrors weighing 10lbs 7ozs and 9lbs 1oz.

  • Using Source boilie bait on the 24th June and during a short break, Alan Grainger caught a 16lbs 4ozs Common.

  • Visiting on the 25th June resulted in Ross Mitchell landing a 18lbs Common where bread paste was the successful bait.

  • During a short break Ian Russell and Sue Peach targeted the Carp:

    • Sue on the 26th June – Commons weighing 15lbs and 13lbs

    • Ian on the 27th June – Commons weighing 16lbs, 13lbs 8ozs and 13lbs

Lake 2 (Carp/Catfish)

The total number of Cats caught this month has been lower than expected though the average size is at an all-time high. The overall quantity caught rose considerably towards late June which included a monthly average of 2 x 30+lbs per day. Compared to all previous years; this season’s April, May and June respectively have all been record months for 40’s.

  • Returning for their annual 24 x 7 session beginning the 1st June, produced 3 x 40lbs+ and a 23lbs 4ozs Carp:

    • Andrew Moyser – 3 x 30lbs+, 4 x 20lbs+, 1 x kitten

    • Robin Moyser – 40lbs 9ozs, 30lbs+, 6 x 20lbs+, 4 x kittens

    • Nigel Gillard – 2 x 40lbs+ to 43lbs 13ozs, 6 x 30lbs+, 3 x 20lbs+, 2 x Carp to 23lbs 4ozs.

  • Beginning his 24 hour session on the 8th June, Aden Lloyd used halibut pellet bait to land Cats weighing 29lbs and 28lbs.

  • Lee Dowse arrived on the 9th June for a 24 hour session and using halibut pellet bait finished with 6 x Cats weighing from 24lbs to 36lbs.

  • Regular Jason Tuckey returned on the 10th June for his 24 hour session and landed Cats weighing 34lbs and 26lbs.

  • Eric Scott returned on the 11th June and landed a 35lbs 8ozs Cat while colleague Peter Parsons landed a 25lbs 8ozs Cat.

  • Visiting on the 12th June, regular Gary Day landed 3 x Cats weighing 34lbs, 21lbs 8ozs and 14lbs.

  • Returning for a short break on the 10th June, Ian Henderson and son Liam landed 8 x Cats averaging 31lbs+ including weights of 42lbs (Liam), 38lbs, 36lbs, 35lbs, 2 x 29lbs, 28lbs and 12lbs.

  • Gary Constable and Gary Vaughan arrived on the 12th June to begin their 60 hour session when they both raised their Cat PB’s:

    • Gary Constable – 41lbs PB, 32lbs 12ozs, 28lbs 8ozs, 24lbs, 23lbs 8ozs, 18lbs and 5lbs plus a 6lbs Carp.

    • Gary Vaughan – 38lbs 8ozs PB, 33lbs, 30lbs 8ozs, 25lbs, 14lbs and 13lbs plus a 13lbs Carp.

Gary Constable with his  PB  41lbs Cat

Gary Constable with his PB 41lbs Cat

Gary Vaughan with his  PB  38lbs 8ozs Cat

Gary Vaughan with his PB 38lbs 8ozs Cat

  • Paul and Jonathan Black visited on the 14th June and using 18mm halibut pellet bait caught a 34lbs 6ozs Cat.

  • Returning on the 15th June Shaun Collins used halibut pellet bait and caught a 30lbs 6ozs Cat.

  • Visiting on the 17th June Barrie Skilling landed Cats weighing 25lbs and 18lbs.

  • On the 17th June regular Paul Coombes returned for his 24 hour session and using luncheon meat bait landed Cats weighing 36lbs, 25lbs 8ozs and 18lbs 5ozs. Again and arriving on the 20th June Paul landed Cats weighing 29lbs, 26lbs and 18lbs.

  • Regular John Bairam returned on the 20th June and landed 4 x Cats weighing 35lbs 3ozs, 32lbs, 25lbs 4ozs and 24lbs 10ozs.

  • Using 22mm halibut pellet bait during his 24 hour session beginning the 20th June resulted in Roy Binks landing 2 x 33lbs 8ozs Cats.

  • Arriving on the 22nd June for a brief holiday Lee Harvey and family plus colleague Russell Hill targeted the Cats using Krill pellet bait:

    • Lee Harvey - 35lbs Cat on the 22nd June and 30lbs Cat on 23rd June

    • Joe Harvey – 22lbs Cat on the 23rd June

    • Russell Hill – 30lbs Cat on the 23rd June

  • Using Source boilie and pellet baits on the 25th June and during a short break, Alan Grainger caught a 32lbs Cat and a 8lbs 8ozs Common. On the 26th Alan landed a 9lbs 8ozs Common and the next day a kitten plus 6 x Commons from 3lbs to 5lbs 8ozs

  • Eric Scott returned on the 25th June and landed Cats weighing 38lbs and 25lbs while colleague Peter Parsons landed 4 x Cats weighing 32lbs 8ozs, 32lbs, 27lbs and 25lbs.

  • It was an all family affair when brothers Gary and Bernie Day plus son Jack arrived on the 25th June for their 48 hour session to successfully target the Cats:

    • Gary – 41lbs 8ozs, 41lbs, 35lbs 6ozs, 33lbs 3ozs, 31lbs 2ozs, 30lbs 2ozs, 5 x high 20’s and 2 x kittens

    • Bernie – 33lbs 10ozs, 32lbs 2ozs, 31lbs 4ozs, 31lbs, 30lbs, 5 x high 20’s and 1 x kitten

    • Jack – 33lbs 6ozs, 32lbs 1oz, 31lbs 4ozs, 2 x 20’s and 2 x kittens

Gary’s 41lbs 10ozs Cat

Gary’s 41lbs 10ozs Cat

Gary’s 41lbs Cat

Gary’s 41lbs Cat

Gary’s 35lbs 10ozs Cat

Gary’s 35lbs 10ozs Cat

  • Ray and Jan Gartell, together with Charlie Bridgeman  visited on the 29th June and using CC Moore Live Culture baits landed 4 x Cats including 1 x 42lbs and 3 x 30+lbs.  Ray achieved a new 35lbs Cat PB while Jan set her new Cat PB at 42lbs.

Ray Gartell and his new 35lbs  PB  Cat

Ray Gartell and his new 35lbs PB Cat

Jan Gartell and her new 42lbs  PB  Cat

Jan Gartell and her new 42lbs PB Cat

  • During a short stay Colin Platt, Robert Bates and Robert Lane targeted the Cats when they began their 24 hour session on the 30th June:

    • Colin Platt – 37lbs, 2 x 35lbs, 16lbs

    • Robert Bates – 25lbs, 19lbs

    • Robert Lane – 37lbs, 35lbs, 28lbs

Lake 3 (Mixed)

Lake 3 continues produce several good catches including Tench to 5lbs, Carp to 16lbs and Bream to 5+lbs.

  • Paul Evans returned on the 1st June with his son Reece and using his trusty long and short poles Paul landed 5 x Carp to 13lbs 6ozs and 7 x Tench to 3lbs 40zs while Reece landed a 2lbs 7ozs Bream.

  • On the 2nd June Paul Witherspoon landed 2 x Tench to 5lbs to top the Tench Leader Board and 9 x Carp to 8lbs plus numerous Silvers.

  • Regular David Hodge visited on the 5th June when his catch included 7 x Commons to 16lbs (with 6 over 10lbs 8ozs), 5 x Mirrors to 5lbs, 5 x Bream and a 3lbs 8ozs Tench.

  • Returning on the 5th June Veronica and Richard Crouch caught Carp weighing 8lbs, 4lbs and 3lbs plus Bream and Roach.

  • Visiting on the 6th June saw Colin Rowe land a 15lbs 2ozs Carp.

  • Peter Gardiner had a good session on the 6th June when he caught 13 x Tench, 5 x Carp and Roach. Returning on the 11th June Peter Gardiner had another good session landing 4 x Carp to 6lbs 3ozs, 7 x Tench, a large Bream plus Perch and Rudd.

  • Regular Fred Rosier had a great mixed bag on the 11th June including 6 x Commons weighing 7lbs 7ozs, 2 x 5lbs 12ozs, 4lbs 7ozs, 3lbs 6ozs and 2lbs 13ozs plus 5 x Mirrors weighing 6lbs 6ozs, 6lbs 2ozs, 4lbs 11ozs, 3lbs 11ozs and 3lbs 2ozs plus 6 x Bream weighing 2 x 3lbs 15ozs, 3lbs 7ozs, 3lbs 6ozs, 3lbs 5ozs and 3lbs 2ozs together with 3 x Tench weighing 2lbs 5ozs, 2lbs 3ozs and 2lbs 2ozs.

  • Roger Simmonds and Tyler targeted the Tench when they visited on the 15th June and finished with 20 x Tench, 4 x Carp and numerous Silvers.

  • Regulars Sue and Mark Rogers returned on the 17th June and baits included snail, luncheon meat and sweetcorn to catch:

    • Sue- Mirrors weighing 6lbs 11ozs and 4lbs 8ozs plus Bream weighing 3lbs 11ozs, 3lbs 6ozs, 3lbs 4ozs  and 3lbs

    • Mark – Carp weighing 5lbs 4ozs, 5lbs 3ozs and 4lbs 9ozs plus Bream weighing 3lbs 12ozs, 3lbs 10ozs, 3lbs 9ozs and 2 x 3lbs 1ozs together with 2 x 2lbs Tench

  • Using CC Moore Pacific Tuna and luncheon meat baits on the 18th June resulted in a catch of 9 x Carp from 4lbs to 6lbs, 6 x Bream from 2lbs 3lbs and 11 x Tench from 1lb 8ozs to 2lbs 8ozs for Terry Hare while colleague Paul Teakle landed Carp weighing 6lbs 7ozs, 5lbs 1oz and 4lbs 12ozs plus a 2lbs 12ozs Tench and numerous Perch.

  • When visiting on the 22nd June Ian Claringbold landed a 6lbs 2ozs Mirror and 2 x 5lbs Commons while son Mikey landed Commons weighing 6lbs 5ozs and a PB 7lbs 3ozs.

  • Using soft hooker pellet bait on the 23rd June and during a short break, Alan Grainger caught 5 x Mirrors weighing from 6lbs to 6lbs 8ozs, Commons weighing 7lbs 10ozs and 2lbs 8ozs, 7 x Tench between 2lbs and 3lbs 8ozs plus Bream weighing 4lbs 10ozs and 3lbs 8ozs.

  • Regular Fred Rosier had a good catch on the 25th June including 8 x Commons weighing 7lbs 9ozs, 7lbs 4ozs, 5lbs, 4lbs 9ozs, 4lbs 6ozs, 4lbs 2ozs, 3lbs 6ozs and 2lbs 12ozs plus a 5lbs 15ozs Mirror and Tench weighing 2lbs 13ozs, 2lbs 11ozs, 2lbs 10ozs and 2lbs 5ozs.

  • Returning on the 25th June again produced good results for:

    • Terence Hare – 6 x Carp weighing from 4lbs to 8lbs 8ozs, 3 x Tench from 1lb 8ozs to 2lbs 8ozs plus 3 x Roach

    • Paul Teakle – 14 x Carp weighing from 3lbs 7ozs to 8lbs 6ozs and a 2lbs 4ozs Tench

  • When visiting on the 26th June Peter Austen caught 2 x Mirrors weighing between  2lbs and 3lbs, 5 x Commons from 2lbs to 5lbs plus Roach and Perch.  

  • Using halibut hooker bait during a short break on the 28th June, Alan Grainger caught 7 x Commons weighing from 3lbs 8ozs to 4lbs 10ozs, 3 x Mirrors weighing 6lbs, 4lbs 6ozs and 4lbs 4ozs, 16 x Tench from 2lbs to 3lbs 4ozs and 4 x Bream weighing 4lbs 4ozs, 3lbs 6ozs, 3lbs 4ozs and 3lbs giving a total overall weight of 85lbs.

  • Regular Gary Rust returned on the 29th June and using jelly pellets in searing hot weather landed 11 x Carp weighing from 6lbs to 9lbs 8ozs, 4 x Tench plus several Roach.

  • On the 30th June regular Paul Evans visited again and using his trusty long and short poles, plus bread, sweetcorn and luncheon meat baits, landed 27 x Carp to 11lbs 3ozs, 5 x Tench to 3lbs 80zs and 12 x Roach to 14ozs giving a total weight of some 150lbs .

Manor Fisheries Specimens

Each year we award every angler with a PIN to commemorate catching their first Manor Fisheries specimen fish for each species shown below. The 2019 PIN qualifying weights are:


2019 Leader Board

The Leader Board competition will again run throughout our 2019 Season and commence on Saturday 23rd March 2019. Prizes will be awarded for the following specimens caught by or on Sunday 29th September 2019:

  • £50.00 for the first verified 50lbs+ Catfish

  • £50.00 for the first verified 30lbs+ Carp

  • £50.00 for the first verified 8lbs+ Tench

In the event these “Target weights” are not met, the above prizes will be awarded for the heaviest verified Carp, Catfish and Tench specimens recorded in the Cabin Log Book by or on Sunday 29th September 2019.

In addition to recording Cats weighing over 30lbs, don’t be shy ……. please also record Carp over 20lbs as this forms the basis of our Monthly News Report and provides valuable input to our lake management plans.

Thank you to all those anglers who have spent a few moments in the past to summarise their catch in the Cabin Log Book.