Manor Fisheries 2020 Membership

For the 2020 season, Manor Fisheries is a limited Membership only Fishery for all those wishing to fish. Non-fishing guests do not require Membership and they are not charged for visiting. All day and/or night bookings for fishing will incur an annual one-off 2019 Membership fee of £25.00 in addition to the published charges for fishing. 

The above fee does not apply to anglers booked with an Apartment, Angling Clubs, anglers day fishing Lake 3 (Mixed) and those under 18 years (who must be accompanied by a 2020 Member).

A booking for fishing during the Manor Fisheries 2020 Season will only be accepted from:

  • An angler with an Apartment booking which includes temporary Membership during their stay

  • A 2020 Member with a valid membership number in advance of their Booking Request. In addition to the published charges for fishing, there is an annual 2020 Membership fee of £25.00 which provides the option to book fishing for day and/or night fishing throughout the Manor Fisheries 2019 Season.

  • A certified Angling Club which is provided temporary Membership during their Match day

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Manor Fisheries is now accepting 2020 booking requests from visitors with differing requirements: 

Terms & Conditions

1.     A 2020 Member may book day fishing ahead up to month 4 (as indicated via ) and/or night fishing where the minimum night fishing period is 24 hours, including daytime fishing between 7.00 AM and 7.00 PM with arrival at the Manor Fisheries (not the lake or car park) from either 7.00 AM or 7.00 PM onwards and departure from the Manor Fisheries (not the lake or car park) at or before 7.00 AM or 7.00 PM.

2.     The 2020 Member is responsible for all the obligations and conditions of their booking:

3.     Because all bookings are on a “First come, first served” basis, a 2020 Member is not guaranteed they will always be able to Book a “Lake” with the “Date” of their choice.

4.     A group booking will not be accepted unless the 2020 Member who is making a group booking supplies a 2020 Member number for each angler in the group.

5.     Any angler under the age of 18 years is to be accompanied by a 2020 Member.

6.     The Member has read and accepts the Manor Fisheries rules relating to fishing.

7.     Before making a Booking it is important to recognise a reservation over £50.00 requires a 50% non-refundable deposit.

8.     Bookings will not be accepted from any Member who has failed to make timely payment of monies due (and 2020 Membership will be withdrawn).

9.     In the unlikely event of Manor Fisheries having to cancel any booking previously confirmed, their liability is limited only to the return in full of monies paid.

10.  The Member acknowledges that Manor Fisheries accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage or injury to their equipment, vehicle and/or visitors.

11.  The Member agrees to record their catch in the Cabin Log Book.

12. Manor Fisheries is not obliged to explain why a 2020 Member application is not approved.

13. Manor Fisheries reserves the right to terminate any booking before or during the Angler’s visit.

2020 Membership Application

(£25.00 per Annum)

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