Night Fishing Membership

If you have not fished at Manor Fisheries before; it is in your interest to get to know us if you wish to night fish and we need to get to know you. Therefore  Night Membership is strictly by arrangement having first participated in a separate day fishing session. If you would like to apply for a Night Fishing Membership, please review the following terms and conditions and fill out and submit the form below. The annual charge is £20.00 per angler (Jan to Dec).

Night Membership benefits (renewable annually) includes:

  • Option to book Night Fishing on any of the three lakes with bookings taken on a “First come, first served” basis. Minimum period is 24 hours.

  • Ability to make day/night fishing Bookings 6 months ahead – the Public can only make Bookings 3 months ahead.

  • The public can only book Day Fishing up to the 3rd month ahead.


Terms & Conditions

  1. The minimum night fishing period is 24 hours, including day time fishing between 7am and 7pm with arrival at the Manor Fisheries car park (not the lake) from either 7am or 7pm onwards and departure from the Manor Fisheries car park (not the lake) at or before 7am or 7pm.
  2. The Angler is responsible for all the obligations and conditions of their booking. 
    • Upon confirmation by Manor Fisheries of a booking and deposit received, the Angler making the booking is responsible for the full price of all fishing booked (including a Group booking).
    • The Angler cannot transfer the booking for fishing to another angler.
    • Booking requests are limited up to 6 months ahead (email to preferred or telephone 01622 890 990)which can be selected from dates via the web site AVAILABILITY tab.
    • The Angler is responsible for their own and their visitor’s safety whilst at Manor Fisheries.
    • No animals/pets allowed.
  3. Because all bookings are on a 'first come, first served' basis, a Night Member is not guaranteed they will always be able to book a 'Lake' with the 'Date' of their choice.
  4. A group night fishing booking will not be accepted unless the Night Member who is making a group booking supplies a Night Member number for each angler in the group.
  5. The Angler has read and accepts the Manor Fisheries rules relating to fishing.
  6. Before making a booking it is important to recognise reservations over £50.00 requires a 50% non-refundable deposit.
  7. The Angler is responsible for the full price of all the fishing booked (including a group booking). On an exceptional basis, Manor Fisheries may use its discretion to reduce the full price of fishing booked on early recipes of a cancellation notice.
  8. Bookings will not be accepted from any Angler who has failed to make timely payment of monies due (and Night Membership will be withdrawn).
  9. In the unlikely event of Manor Fisheries having to cancel any booking previously confirmed, their liability is limited only to their return in full of the monies paid.
  10. The Angler acknowledges that Manor Fisheries accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage or injury to their equipment, vehicle and/or visitors including the Angler.
  11. Manor Fisheries is not obliged to explain why a Night Member application is not approved.
  12. Manor Fisheries reserves the right to terminate any booking before or during the Angler’s visit.


2018 Night Member Application

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