The Rules

For the safety and welfare of the anglers, spectators, fish and wildlife abide by the Manor Fisheries Rules as written below. You may also download a PDF copy of the rules here.

The Angler agrees that failure to conform to these Rules will result in Fishing Ticket cancellation without refund, redress or appeal. 

  1. A confirmed booking is chargeable in full (including a Group booking). On an exceptional basis Manor Fisheries may use its discretion to reduce the full price of fishing booked on early receipt of a cancellation notice.

  2. Night Membership Application and Bookings will not be accepted from an angler who has failed to make timely payment of all monies due.

  3. Fishing at Manor Fisheries is strictly via pre booking and the Angler may not transfer a booking or use of a rod to another party.

  4. Day fishing is arrival at Manor Fisheries (not Swims) from 7.00 am onwards and departure from Manor Fisheries (not Swims) by 7.00 pm. Swims cannot be reserved without prior Manor Fisheries agreement.

  5. Baits:

    • No dead or live fish, nut baits, peas, beans, trout pellets/paste or any uncooked particles.

    • Do not bring or use bait that could introduce a virus, parasite or poison.

    • No “Spods” or “Spoons” - loose feed and ground bait restricted to 1⁄2 kilo per 12 hour day (or night) session.

  6. Tackle: Barbless hooks only – no crushed or microbarb or “Cat” or “Circle” hooks.

    • Use only “Running” ledgers. No lead clips, fixed rigs, bolt rigs, semi bolt rigs, zig rigs, chod rigs, helicopter rigs, elasticated method feeders, lead core or heavy Ebro style fishing tackle.

    • No braid or fluorocarbon main line but use braid hook lengths where appropriate.

    • Lake 1 (Carp) – 12 to 15lbs monofilament. Lake 2 (Catfish/Carp) – 20lbs minimum main line monofilament with a 40lbs braid hook length and rods up to 3.5 lbs test curve. Lake 3 (Mixed) - 4 to 8lbs monofilament.

    • No keep-nets except with prior agreement for organized matches and without exception no fish to be sacked.

    • Use 42 inch (minimum) landing net and unhooking mats on specimen lakes at all times.

    • No boat baits or fish finders or use of Manor Fisheries boat.

  7. No unattended rods at any time including those equipped with audible bite alarms and no lines to be left in the Lake while asleep or when fishing with more than one rod, the distance between the butts of the end rods must not exceed three metres.

  8. Night fishing and/or use of a 3rd rod is only permitted with Manor Fisheries prior agreement.

  9. No casting at any time beyond the mid-point of the lake when casting across a lake (not to island).

  10. No fish to be kept and must be returned to the lake unharmed. No fish not to be held above knee level.

  11. Take home all litter including cigarette ends, tea bags, bait and food.

  12. Anglers over the age of 12 when fishing must have and be prepared to show Manor Fisheries their current E.A. licence. Only E.A. licence holders on Specimen Lakes 1 and 2.

  13. All gates must be kept closed.

  14. Vehicles to be parked in designated area – no driving onto the Fishery unless by prior arrangement.

  15. No cutting of vegetation, bushes or trees or digging for bait. (i.e. worms).

  16. Spectators only by prior arrangement.

  17. No drugs (narcotics) permitted on premises.

  18. No dogs and care and consideration to be given to wildlife and other anglers.

  19. Toilet must be used (or be banned), and it is located in the Cabin between lakes 1 and 3. It is for use by all Manor Fisheries visitors.